Amazing Kids! Magazine

Maitrayee’s Space Story

By Maitrayee Atrish, age 5, London


Spencer the Elf went out of the earth super fast. They had great fun. They realized they had arrived on the moon! They were hungry, so they had moon jelly, and they had moon milk and cheese.

Spencer the Elf held a star—and not just any star but a shooting star! Then, Spencer and Ellie were flying.

“Wow!” said Ellie. “I’m really flying!”

An alien got Ellie. “Where are we going?”

Spencer said, “We will be going to Mars.”

They arrived at Mars. They went through craters and had an awesome time! Next, Ellie thought that they had reached Jupiter. Then it was bedtime for Ellie. She was all tucked in ready for bed in space.

“Goodnight,” said Spencer.