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Me, Flippy the Fish

By Samyuktha Kumar, age 9, India


Yippee! I, Flippy the fish, back flipped out of the water and landed perfectly with a tremendous splash. Everybody around me cheered as much as their flippers would allow them. I am one of the finest flippers in the whole sea. Even dolphins cannot out flip me. They even call me “Fliptastic” fish. I am really proud of my flips. My friends and I were the happiest and noisiest school of fish in the sea until….a day came when we saw a tortoise (who is supposed to live for 1000 years!!) getting caught inside a strange parachute which my elders called a “Plastic Bag.” It choked the poor tortoise to death.

“Will this happen to us one day?”

Our elders explained that this is called pollution and is caused by “mermaid” like people called “Humans” who have legs and live on land. For once, we were silent and something else made a loud noise like a roar. Within minutes, we were trapped in a bizarre thing, which had lot of small holes in it which was too tiny for us to escape. We were hauled up on a hook. “HUMANS” shrieked my friends.

“Will we ever be able to go back to the sea?” they cried. I hoped for some luck. My flips won’t come in handy here. My life flashed before my eyes. The humans dumped us on the wet sand. We were gasping for breath. People flocked around us. Some of them even flashed lights on us.

One of our elders shouted, “So mean! They are taking pictures of us dying.”

Lot of eels and small stingrays and jellyfishes who also got caught with us were all thrown back into the sea because they were not edible for the humans. Lucky! I caught a glimpse of a little mermaid with legs holding a bucket and a spade. She came towards the person who was sorting us, and asked for some fishes in her bucket to play. He scooped some of us and dropped inside her bucket full of water. Will she be my SAVIOUR? The bucket was too small for us even to huddle. She was walking towards her sand castle. Alas! Am I going to end up in her castle moat?

Suddenly a human whom she referred as her “Dad” said, “Don’t keep them inside the bucket too long. They will not survive.”

The mermaid slowly turned back towards the sea. She just stared at us for a minute and then…….FLIPPED us into the water. Awesome! I felt that her lifesaving flip was more “fliptastic” than mine. I suddenly became more cautious about my environment and realized I must learn and practice the art of living more than flipping.



  1. Prabha Mohan /

    Samyuktha! Wow! that was an excellent story! I was very impressed by your vocabulary in that article. Your message about the care of the environment was amazing!You did an excellent job! Keep it up.

  2. Avanthika Anand /

    Wow sammy..:) That narrative was simply amazing. Your usage of imagery (description) has been indeed stupendous, for I could just picture the whole thing happening before my eyes. To carry though with a story of such depth and yet make it sweet and short is an accomplishment. Best of luck!!:) Do write more.

  3. Sundari kumar /

    Fliptastic Samyuktha! We can connect flippy a lot with you – being naughty and getting into trouble often. But we also know you are very much concerned about the environment. Try out new genres and enjoy writing. Love you a lot.
    Mom & Dad.

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