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Meerfus and the Diamond Hearthcraft, Part II

By Sehen Gamhewa, Comic Hub Co-Editor and Contributing Writer


Editor’s Note: To gain maximum enjoyment from this story, be sure to read Part I.

Meerfus was fed up with walking. He was tiring quickly. Despite the fact that he had a God in his head, it was more of a burden than the blessing it should’ve been. For the past week, he’d been walking, searching for the Sanctuary and yet every one of his attempts were fruitless.

“This is useless. Any moment now, that devil, Ladon, is going to catch up. And yet, this sanctuary we both seek is nowhere to be found.”

“That was to be expected child. It is highly guarded, with ancient mystics, the likes of which only beings like I can unfold.”

“And you didn’t tell me…Good god…”

“Do not refer to me like that child.”

Meerfus sighed.

“It is time for you to learn the way of nature. It is a last resort, something I did not want to execute, but fate decrees that it must not be so.”

“What do you mean?”

“You will see. For now, child, close your eyes and feel yourself.”

“Pardon? Feel myself?”

“First, child, calm down, and attain peace. Focus on your breath, attain peace.” The god waited until Meerfus visibly relaxed. “Now, go deeper, seek your spirit child. Feel your heartbeat, and see it, see yourself.”

Meerfus focused. But try as he might, he could not reach the state God was trying to coax him into. The god’s voice sighed.

“Fate is evil, but it is necessary. Child, you must borrow a tiny fraction of my power. Not a small bit, but a lot less.”

“You speak in riddles God. But that is natural…Oh well…”

Meerfus focused on the voice in his head. The very moment he did, he fell down to his knees and collapsed to the ground, utterly drained.  He tried to speak out loud, but failed.

Speak in your mind child.

Meerfus stirred weakly, tired, but nevertheless, full of questions, continued.

What was that?!

Nothing, it is just a mere consequence of tapping into a mighty being’s power. That was to be expected.

Wait, so I was just risking my life?!!?

No, you were learning. You have learnt enough, but at the expense of time. You will recover slowly, but once you do, we will be able to find sanctuary.

But aren’t we in danger out here, in this cold, and that too, with that demon on our trail?

There are ancient laws, laws of the game, that will protect you for now. He cannot attack me, while I am incapacitated, and vice versa.

So, how long will it take me?

A year, at the least.

Meerfus lost his mind and blacked out in surprise.