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Meerfus the Magician and the Peanut Butter Blunders

By Sehen Gamhewa, Contributing Writer


Note: This is the second part of the Meerfus series. For maximum entertainment, please start from the first part of the series here:

Chapter 1 – Mistakes and Mischief

“Let it go, let it go…” Meerfus hummed to himself, as he battled his way past the snow-filled street to reach his home and coven of manga books.

“Meerfus, hey over here!” a young voice yelled.

Meerfus looked around and there, a mountain of walking boxes was approaching him.

“Ahhhhh!!!” Meerfus took out his wand and he yelled, “Gifts of magic…fall down already.” Then, the whole mound of huge gifts fell down, sinking into the snow. Behind this mound was his faithful and youthful friend, Duncan.

“Meerfus, I wanted you to help me, not to make all of the gifts get new homes in this chilled snow.”

Meerfus burst out laughing as he mended the damage he’d caused, by lifting all the gifts up. “Boy, didn’t you give me a heart attack?” Duncan smiled.

“Well…..” Duncan trailed off. “Phoenix!!” he yelled.

Meerfus, turned around and… Whack! Snow trickled down his neck.

“Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!!” Duncan laughed.

Meerfus got up, and suddenly a snow ball slammed into Duncan. And then back and forth, snowballs flew. Soon, Rainbow City became a winter snowballing wonderland.

Chapter 2 – The Terror Awakens

Rainbow City remained peaceful after the grand snowball gala, as it was called by the locals. However, our forgetful wizard was a bit uneasy for he had sensed something bad was going to happen on the very day of Christmas. Duncan had countless times, unsuccessfully, tried to cheer the old man up, but he couldn’t be happy for long. He would always slip off into a state of unease, with scrunched up eyebrows.

Regardless of this state of fear, the days passed by, until the great day of Meerfus’ fear arrived. “Jingle Bells, jingle bells…” And so went on the days of the peace-loving people of Rainbow City, bustling around, presenting gifts and wishing each other Happy Christmas. Everyone was happy, except Meerfus.

“Cheer up friend, it’s Christmas!” Duncan tried weakly, knowing Meerfus would try to and fail. Duncan had been worried by this strange behavior of Meerfus. Interestingly, no one knew that far, far away, an eye opened, and lit up the murky cave.

Chapter 3 – Meerfus Realizes

Meerfus peered intensely into his crystal ball. It shone, and Meerfus could see an eye opening in the heavy fog of the globe. Finally, two eyes opened, and all of a sudden, a tooth popped out of a giant mouth.

“Ahhhhh!!!” Meerfus yelled, as he jumped back. A great evil had woken up on Christmas, a beastly thing most likely.

“What is it?” Duncan asked, surprised.

“A beastly thing had woken up yesterday! I knew it!” Meerfus danced with his excitement that he had figured out the reason for being troubled, yet, deep down, he was really sad.

“Well, we shouldn’t jump to conclusions,”  Duncan said wisely.

“You’re right.” The other replied. “Let’s go out for a bit…” Meerfus suggested.

Duncan shrugged and they walked into a winter world.

But then… “Yayoyoya!” a cry echoed.

Meerfus and Duncan looked at each other with wide, saucer-like eyes, thinking, What was that?

Chapter 4 – Silliness at its Maximum

A giant peanut butter sandwich came running their way. Jelly trickled from its sides as the fat sandwich hobbled along. And behind it, “Eaachriieek!” a new shriek came from around the corner.

A giant dragon, its mouth full of peanut butter and jelly, with a gross mix of food dribbling down his chin, came running down the road.

Meerfus and Duncan gagged at the odd pair, “So this was the bad thing you saw coming!?” Duncan laughed.

“Well, yea…” Meerfus started to laugh too. “Shrinkus binkus!” Meerfus yelled, still laughing. Both the dragon and the sandwich shrunk, and then started to run faster. “Hey, no-lifeicus.” Meerfus yelled once more. This time, only the sandwich stopped. The dragon, delighted at the new meal, jumped upon it and gobbled up the final bits in a flash.

Realizing the playfulness of the dragon, the dragon became the star of the city, and Rainbow City partied all night with the little sandwich eater.

Chapter 5- Mind that Temper

“Scraaawk!” a piercing, bloodcurdling shriek rushed throughout the whole city, and slowly, steadily, a massive shadow descended upon the town. It was a giant dragon!

“I think this was what I saw…” Meerfus whispered to Duncan. Both gulped. “Wait… the baby dragon -” he remembered, “- maybe its mom has come to town.”

Meerfus’ common sense saved the day. Duncan ran, puffing and huffing as he searched through the city for the little baby dragon. As soon as he saw him, he grabbed him and carried him to the giant mother.

“Squawk?” the mother questioned Duncan.

“Quik quo kaitlkiosk bor.” Duncan explained.

“Jra jraska jra jraska!!” the mother dragon laughed, as Duncan told her how her son had been minimized.

“Jikso groot, jiks truil wihm,” the dragon responded.

Duncan smiled. The mother had told him, It’s good. He’s very mischievous, so he’s quiet now.

Chapter 6 – Peace Once Again

Rainbow City settled down, with the eventual odd visit from the baby dragon and his mother. But otherwise, it was about as normal as you could get. Meerfus and Duncan lived well, but their next adventure was just around the corner!