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Meerfus the Magician, Book 3, Part 1

By Sehen Gamhewa, Contributing Writer


Note: This is Meerfus the Magician, Book Three, Part One. For maximum entertainment, please start with Book One. To read Book One, click on this link or search Amazing Kids! Magazine using the search bar at the bottom of the main page for Meerfus stories!

Are you old or new, fake or real?

Ch.1: Mud trouble

Meerfus was bored. He was bored, bored, bored. The word ‘bored’ flashed in his eyes. Boredom was everywhere, everything was boring him. His mind had become a slowly stirred pot of mushy pasta. He was bored, and there was nothing to entertain him.

That was until, of course, the blast rocked him off his perch on a rooftop.

“Wah!” he yelled as he fell all the way down onto hard, solid ground. But, there was some good news and bad news for him. He fell straight onto a cushiony vat of…disgusting, smelly, squishy, fairy mud. (And trust me, that’s not something you want to have shoved up your nostrils.)

Panicking, shouting, and flailing in the air, Meerfus forgot he was a wizard and that he could fly. He was so scared of the mud, he didn’t even remember to keep his ears, nose, mouth, and eyes closed. And so, that is how he managed to get the disgusting mud shoved down his throat.

After managing to sink deeper into the bog, help finally came to Meerfus.

“What do you think you’re doing, you old mud-bat?” a farmer yelled, as he used his spade to hook onto Meerfus cloak. “That was my prize fairy dung, and I had to pay quite a lot out of my savings for it. So better cough up, now.”

Meerfus did, literally.

As soon as he had managed to get the dung off his cloak, and his beard, and his face after entering the farmer’s house, he coughed. Then he coughed more, and more, until finally, he’d coughed up all the fairy mud he had accidentally swallowed.

The farmer stared at him, quite shocked at Meerfus who was now using his staff to levitate the huge mound of mud out of the house and back into the mud vat.

“Thank you kind sir, and please, I do not want my savior to have mosquito bites inside his mouth.” Meerfus promptly turned away and marched back to his own house.

Ch.2: Duncan Makes a Bad Choice

Duncan dozed on his hammock, dressed in his beach suit, complete with sunglasses, a fishing hat and khaki shorts. But, there was no beach to be seen.

“Hey, Dunk!”

The man with the sunglasses looked up, gazing at the offender, who turned out to be his new rival, Lankson.

“Whaddya want?”

“I want to challenge you to a contest.”

“Name it.”

“I created it just yesterday. I call it, Broom Baskets.”

“I’ve never heard of it, and to be honest, it sounds like a complete disaster.”

“Well, that doesn’t matter, I did challenge you to a contest, and you accepted, so, you’re gonna have to admit losing to me.”

“You forgot, I’m a wizard and I’m the best. Lanky Lankson, you’re gonna lose.”

“Fairy poop,” He muttered, as he continued. “There are no rules, all you have to do is, bounce a ball, while on a broom, and get it through the basket. First to score wins the game.”

“Oh all right, I’ll agree to your measly contest.” Dunk got up and strolled over to Lanky. “When and where are we gonna play it?”

Ch.3: Dunk-in’ Trouble

Duncan readied himself on his broom.

This was going to be easy…

He looked around and what a shock he got! The stadium they were playing in had accommodated all the residents of town!

Well, all the better for me – if I win, everyone will see that Lanky lost.

He looked up as Lanky called him, bouncing the ball. “Hey, I’m gonna start first. You defend that basket.”

Duncan looked towards the basket his rival was pointing to. Resolutely, he nodded and he took off. But, Lanky had already started and was almost past him.

A well aimed attracting spell could have gotten the ball from Lanky, and all Duncan would have had to do was throw the ball in. But, it all went wrong.

As soon as he had chanted the spell, Lanky threw the ball back, and he was a very good, emphasis on very good, thrower.

The ball was hurtling towards him quickly enough, but add to that, the power of his attracting spell…things were ready for a grand collision. Duncan was knocked straight off his broom, and he was falling, falling, falling, but he didn’t fall onto the ground!

He looked around weakly, to see Meerfus levitating him. All of a sudden, he completed the rest of his fall, and found himself hugging the hard ground.

And then, he heard the cheering, Lanky had taken the ball, scored, and he’d won.

‘Great, this is definitely gonna make me and Trojan the subject of village gossip for this year, at least.’

Then he heard the hissing.

“Hey, our reputation is crumbling to pieces, Triton. The real Duncan would have repelled the ball into the basket and won the game! And the real Meerfus would have gotten out of that vat in five seconds flat!”

“Yeah, so, everyone makes mistakes! We should give ourselves another chance!” Triton rebelled.

“Let’s try one last time.”

Ch.4: Trojan

“Argh!” Meerfus, or should we say…Trojan, found himself drowning in the water.

‘Get yourself out, or do you want to become the laughing stock of the village?’ he questioned himself.

Struggling, he managed to bonk himself on the head with his staff, three times, and then he got his legs tangled up in some lillyweed, and last off, he hit his head on a rock.

‘Ouch!’ he cried, and then, all became silent. The last thing Trojan saw was water all around him, and then…it was black.

“Hey, mate!” a voice woke him from his dreamless black visions.

“Huh? What happened?” Trojan asked the face he was seeing. Wasn’t that face…familiar?

“I don’t know, you were drowning I think, and you nearly died.”

“Who are you?”

“Mate, I’m Triton!” the man hissed.

Triton…where had he heard that name? Trojan couldn’t quite place it.

“Okay…so where are you from?” he asked, and when he saw Triton’s face, he had to laugh.

“Dude, are you okay? Your face looks like you just swallowed fish poop!”

“Trojan, you – you don’t know me?!”

“Somethin’s there about you, which I can’t place…But, I think I don’t know you.”

“But…you do, I’m your twin!”

“I don’t remember any twins, or brothers…or parents…But, how is that possible? I had parents, right?”

“Well, duh, you did, but Trojan, did you…” Triton’s sentence trailed off, and a look of realization came to his face.

“What?” Trojan asked, intrigued by Triton’s strange face.

Triton seemed to be talking to himself. “Lose your memory…you lost your memory…” And he pointed at Trojan.


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