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Meerfus the Magician, Book 3, Part 2

By Sehen Gamhewa, Contributing Writer


Editor’s Note: This is Meerfus the Magician, Book 3, Part 2. For maximum entertainment, please read from Book One. To get to book one, type Meerfus in the search bar in the left bottom corner of the screen and you will get a series of stories, starting with Meerfus the Magician, Book One.

Are you old or new, fake or real? Meerfus the magician, Book Three, Part Two

Chapter 1

“Me?” Trojan pointed at himself, incredulously. “Oh please…I remember everything about…uh…um…nothing?”

Triton looked gleefully at Trojan, “See? You lost your memory! You lost your memory!” He started dancing around Trojan.

“I told you so. Ha, ha!”  He kept on twirling around like a madman, until he stopped. “How do we cure it?”



“Nice days of training, weren’t they? Shame we’re going back to Rainbow City. But then again, it will be a shame if we don’t go,” Duncan began.

“I agree Duncan, but something is troubling me. Some kind of vision…I wonder what it is?” Meerfus wondered aloud.

“Try and tap into it.”

“That’s the most swashbuckling thing about it. I can’t find out.”

“That must be pretty powerful magic, as powerful as your staff, I’d wager.”

“Wait a second, it might be thieves! Maybe they stole my staff!”

“Well then, Meerfus, let’s run!”

Both of them broke into inhuman super-speed (assisted by a little magic, as always) and rushed as quickly as they could towards their beloved home.

Gasping, huffing and puffing, they made their way past the bewildered guards. Then they saw…themselves! Only, the fake Meerfus had the staff.

“Give me my staff thief!” Meerfus cried.

Then, the fake Meerfus yelped. “It’s not what you think it is…no, no, we didn’t steal, just…” he whimpered.

The fake Duncan started, “Yeah, please don’t fry us.” He cowered meekly.

Then, the whole city, who had silently gathered at the town centre, roared with laughter at the two whimpering fakers.

And again, Meerfus commanded, “Give me my staff.”

The fake Meerfus stepped forward and tentatively gave the staff to Meerfus who stretched out his hand to take it. As soon as he had got a hand on it, the fake Meerfus tugged it back.

“I’m the real Meerfus!” And he took it from his grasp.

Meerfus became angry. He became hot, steaming, boiling angry. He became very, very angry. And when Meerfus is over-the-top angry, it would be better to rather poke two hundred dragons in the eye and pull out all their whiskers.

“GIVE ME MY STAFF!” he roared.

“IT IS MINE, FAKER!” Trojan who had quite lost his head as well as his memory, spat at Meerfus.

Triton yelled, correction: he screamed, “TROJAN! ARE YOU MAD? YOU ARE MY TWIN, MEERFUS DOESN’T HAVE A TWIN!” He added an afterthought, “Meerfus’ pants, you’re mental.”



“Meerfus, calm down, I can sort this out,” Duncan said as he dragged Meerfus away from Trojan.

Triton muttered to himself, “Nice scream-fest.”

And scream-fest indeed it was called, and for many a decade, it was quite a popular subject of village gossip.

Chapter 2

Triton walked around town, and all his eyes saw were big white signs with some letters written on them. Squinting, he tried to read them…

For the good of every citizen in Rainbow City, there will be a magic-boy duel, much like a cowboy one. This duel will be held between the two Meerfus’ and the winner will be declared the real Meerfus. If you want to become a mutation, then I highly suggest you to go the duel. It will be held at night, as it can also become a source of fireworks for small children. This duel has been ordered to occur by the mayor of this place.

“So his refusal pleas didn’t work…Triton sighed. “Trojan…Trojan….”

“What is it?”

“Trojan, you mooncalf, you complete nincompoop, do you realize what you’ve done?”

“Hey, I saw the signs.” He jabbed a finger towards the white poster. “But that staff almost drives me crazy. It almost controls my mind.”

Triton smiled sympathetically. An idea had just struck his wonderful mind. “Well, then, you’ll have to beat Meerfus.” He laughed, and like lightning, he sped off.

Trojan stared at Triton. Had he gone mad?

A few hours later, Trojan found himself holding Meerfus’ staff. He steadied himself, and then he glanced into the ever changing pupils of his adversary, Meerfus. Sometimes, blue, or green, or black, they made him very, very uneasy. He looked at his nose. Even it had a menacing air! Each and every cell of Meerfus’ face was menacing, more than a T-Rex who was starving and had just seen prey.

Trojan imagined his own face. Even a newborn baby could look more menacing than him. That was for sure. He knew he had the wimpiest look on the planet on his face. He tried to put on his bravest face, but his face just slipped back into his absolutely terrified face, every time.

“Duel, commence!” a villager yelled, and he scuttled away into the safety of a house.

Meerfus yelled, “Come here staff!”

But that wasn’t needed. Trojan threw his staff at Meerfus.


The staff hit Meerfus on his nose. “OW!” he cried.

Trojan grimaced. “That must have hurt…”

“Sorry! I didn’t mean to do that.”

Meerfus grumbled, and then, he raised his staff. “Brainus reverses!”

Trojan yelped, and ducked. The purple bolt of magic seared through his hair.

Meerfus smacked his forehead. “Wait, that was a…remembering spell, or…good thing that didn’t hit you. That’s a forgetting spell. Here we go, Forget-not-yes-nes-yot-not!” he cried.

This time, Trojan was too slow. A red bolt of light hit his forehead, and then, before black washed over him, all he heard was, “Oh no! That was a forgetting spell!!!”

Chapter 3

“He’s out cold,” Triton told Meerfus. “And he still hasn’t woken up!”

“Yes, I have!” Trojan jumped up from his bed, and…he fell down.

Meerfus looked at him, “I had to consult all of my healing books to find the cure for my nosebleed, you know? You two are in serious trouble…”

Triton gulped nervously. “We are your most devoted fans and–”

“Fans?!” Meerfus interrupted, and then, Duncan who Trojan hadn’t seen sitting silently in the corner, burst out laughing with Meerfus.

“What?!” Trojan snapped back. “We just thought, maybe, we could prove that we were made of the same mettle as you and join you guys.”

Meerfus and Duncan continued to laugh, huffing and puffing, and holding their sides, until soon, they were smacking the ground with their fists.

“So, ha, good joke, what was the real reason you took my staff?” Meerfus asked, panting.

“I told you, we admired you so much, and we wanted to become like you, so we decided to try and be you…” Trojan said indignantly.

Duncan raised an eyebrow. “That’s not the right way…you could have asked to come along with us on our training journey. You fooled so many people, and hurt them, you know…”

Meerfus looked at Triton. “What do you say? I’ve noticed you haven’t opened your mouth yet.”

Triton spoke, but, he only seemed to be speaking to himself. “I can’t believe it, I can’t believe it…You didn’t fry us, and we’re having a normal conversation! I can’t believe it!” he mumbled as he looked at Meerfus.

A smile just curved the edges of his mouth. “So, you are saying the truth…and I have a question for you…How did you control my staff? It wouldn’t have responded if you were non-magical.”

“So, I’m magic!” Trojan exclaimed, and then he started jumping up and down as if he had realized he was in heaven.

Triton muttered to himself. “Mother did say he was a bit mad…”

Duncan laughed, for he had very keen ears. “Very well, then we might as well become fellow wizards, eh?” He laughed, and the four lived happily ever after.