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Messy Messy Bang Bang

By Samyuktha Kumar, Contributing Writer


“This is intolerable,” cried the ten-year-old Matilda, when she stepped inside that room.

It was a commodious room with girly stuff strewed all over. There were splashes and splats of nail paints on the wall, making patches of polka dots everywhere on the pale pink wallpaper. Used dishes sat here and there, some with curdled milk still settling at the bottom, waiting for someone to clear them up. “Lazy girl,” sighed Matilda, gluing her eyes to the bed, which was pathetically layered with heavily used toys and books. The soft and creamy floral printed bed cover endeavored to display it’s gaily colors through the gaps occasionally. “How on earth can a girl abuse this beautiful bed?” she exclaimed.

Rolled up balls of socks were scattered on the floor, redundantly adding an extra dash of color to the already colorful room. Adding further to the mess, crumbled and frayed denims were carelessly flung over on to the windowsills and door handles. What are the laundry bins and trashcans for? She courageously took a tour around the room, which looked like as though a herd of elephants clambered through it.

As she took a step ahead, she heard a horrible squelch. “Yuck!” A slimy ball splattered underneath her glossy pink flip-flops. She was worried about how she was going to clean the mess off her brand new slippers. “This girl definitely needs to change,” she gave a snort of disgust. She cautiously tiptoed towards the closet. Loosely hung clothes wedged and peered through the openings. She bravely opened one of the doors. “Oh my!” Out rained toys, books, and other knickknacks, which were jammed inside, along with clothing. It took almost a minute for them to settle down to the floor. She felt bad for the books as it had some of her favorite authors too. Most of the books had grown “dog ears” and even “elephant ears” at the corners.

Matilda dodged through the mess and reached over to a pathetic looking bookshelf, which stored nothing but strange things other than a few overdue library books. There was an electric circuit model, and next to that sat what looked like an electrocuted teddy bear. The last of the lava from a science experiment was stinky with the putrid smell of vinegar. Next in line was a strange looking bundle wrapped in a glossy, silk scarf with a note which read, “WARNING!!! DO NOT SMELL.” Matilda grew curious and tried to pry it open. She frowned when a horrible stench came out of it. It was a purple glass vial labeled as “PROJECT 5 – WINE MAKING.” “Interesting,” she muttered under her breath.

She fixed her gaze at the wall where a huge pin board hung, which was overcrowded with old clippings, featuring events that dated back to the last Olympics. A shiny red poster next to it caught her attention. It read “ATTENTION! YOUR MOM DOESN’T WORK HERE. PLEASE CLEAN UP YOUR OWN MESS.” “Poor mom,” she chuckled. “For whatever reason, the girl should’ve spent a little time tidying up the room,” she said in disappointment.

Suddenly unexpectedly, there came a voice from downstairs. “Matilda! Come down at once. You are late for the class.”

“Yes mom,” she said and quickly pulled down her school shorts and kicked it, making it whizz up to the ceiling and stick on to the fan sloppily. Then the “messy Matilda” pulled on a skirt and a shirt, which she yanked from the clothes pile on the floor, and thundered down the stairs.

“Ignoring all this, the room still does look pretty,” said Matilda. Some wishes always remain as a distant dream



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  1. Atreyi Anand /

    That was a very impressive write up, Samy. It was engrossing and captivating. The elements of humor and facetiousness were just perfect. Most of all, I am blown away by your precocious vocabulary. Through the course of reading this, the girl reminded me very much of someone I know.It took me a while to wrap my head around the fact that a ten year old wrote this excellent short story and when i asked who the writer was, my mom told me that you wrote it and that’s what shocked me the most. That’s when I realized who the character reminded me of 😉 The cherry on the top was definitely the last line. It warranted a big smile. We are extremely proud of you, Samy. I look forward to reading many more of your write ups.