Amazing Kids! Magazine

Mindy’s Two Humongous Problems

By Hannah Wu, Age 8, California


Mindy is a teeny tiny 9 year old girl, that either wears a white dress as white as snow, a pure velvet dress as red as blood, or a neon green dress with a dark neon yellow glow like Hawaiian flowers. All three dresses had the highest, purest quality of gold trim at the very end of all three beautiful dresses. She also had seven of the same outfit for each dress. She smiles a lot that shows her two top front teeth! She also has jet black hair!

Mindy has her very own beautiful bedroom called The Starry Night. She’s very proud of it, she named it herself! She even hangs glow in the dark neon yellow stars on the ceiling powered by the fiery red sun, to make it look better. She also had a midnight blue blanket that was covered in shiny bright dandelion yellow stars, and a bright dim yellow full moon. They lived in a big light blue house, with a dark blue roof, and turquoise flowers drooping out the windowsill.

She loves toys of course for example white jeweled music boxes. She has a very special sparkly pony she very much adores; it has skin as white as newly fallen snow! She called her Snowy or Snow for short. Her favorite thing is a stack of glimmering, shimmering stack of shiny paper, she only uses very, very occasionally, (Holidays or Birthdays).

But Min has two huge humongous problems! She’s afraid she’ll run out of her pretty paper, and there was a tricky sneaky elf fairy in the bathroom. She called herself Gabriella the greatest bathroom fairy half elf, master of the bathroom toilets. She wore a bright emerald green dress. You could call her Ella for short.  Mindy is afraid of…  Ella!!!! What if Mindy accidently knocks down her paper? Will Ella steal it and use it as a blanket???!!! Will she steal it?! Will she?! Will she?! Will she???!!! And I mean it with a capital S-T-E-A-L it???!!!

So one sunny evening she finally gathered all her courage while she squeaked “should I???” Then she peered into the toilet opening, and held her breath…  Surprisingly there sat Gabriella in a little tiny hole! She grumbled, pouted, and mumbled something grumpily to herself.

“Ella” she quietly whispered.

“What” she grumbled “can’t you see I’m busy?” “Why are you pout-? “she asked.

“Umm… can I ask you something?” she asked losing courage.

“WHAT!” she screeched so suddenly that it made Mindy jump in a high pitch tone.

“Please don’t steal my paper!” she suddenly blurted out.

“No way José!” she suddenly replied laughing and holding her stomach “Only if you do something I like!” she added in a somewhat nice, sweet, charming way.

“Why!” Mindy wailed. Then she started out the bathroom.

“Wait you’ll give me three sheets of your shiny turquoise paper on your birthday and my birthday, then I won’t steal the slightest scrap I swear!” she said before Mindy left.

“Maybe” she said “OK I’ll tell you tomorrow I haven’t quite decided yet.

“I’m not waiting more than three days chewing a straw” Gabriella warned “And don’t say I didn’t say that ‘cause I did!”

The very next day Mindy begged her little seven year old brother “Please say yes or no!”(he was seven years old) Would he say yes? Would he say no?

“Why?” he asked curiously.

“Just say yes or no.” she replied patiently.

“Why?” he asked again.

“Just say yes or no!” she replied growing impatient.

“Why?” he still asked trying to annoy his sister. “Just say yes or no!” she replied growing very impatient.

“Why?” he still asked smiling a wicked smile.

“JUST SAY YES OR NO!!!” she roared.

This time he got terribly, horribly, and satisfyingly frightened, so as quiet as a mouse just enough for Mindy to hear he whispered “Yes.”

“OK” she replied cooling down, while she handed him one of his favorite tootsie roll pops. He screamed, and hugged Min before immediately sticking the pop in his mouth.

The next morning she felt, heard, and almost saw her heart beat more wildly than ever! Suddenly her body jolted in the bathroom and heard her own self say OK I agree, and the weird feeling went away. What would she say she said a bit alerted? She was not fully recovered from her weird feeling.

“Yippee!” Gabriella said happily “I promise!”

That made Mindy feel so safe that she couldn’t stop thinking it was a dream the most wonderful dream. She couldn’t help but to give the elf fairy her biggest hug ever, and wept tears of joy, not sorrow. “Hey, watch it! Your getting my new dress wet and dirty!” she shrieked. Mindy was so happy she couldn’t say a thing and Gabriella finally broke into a real smile.