Amazing Kids! Magazine

Miracle on 42nd Street

By Patrick Romero, Age 12, New York


“Pass, pass,” said Tobey to Mike.

“I got you. Calm down,” said Mike.

Mike was going for a lay-up when by the corner of his eye he saw Tobey wide open. He passed the ball to Tobey. Tobey thought that Mike was really going for the layup but, he wasn’t so Tobey got hit in the face with the ball.

“I thought you was going to take it in,” said Tobey.

“Hey people change their mind,” said Mike.

They were losing by five with Mike leading with all the points, while Tobey with one point. They were playing a game for fun. Mike and Tobey were playing Duce and Madden.

Duce and Madden were brothers from Harlem. They come to the Bronx to visit their grandmother.

“We are positive we are going to win,” said Duce.

“Hey you never know,” said Madden.

Three minutes later, Tobey & Mike were losing by one and it was getting dark. They said, “Last point wins.”

Mike was going for the layup one more time, when he passed the ball to Tobey. Tobey was prepared for this but, Mike threw it to low and it hit the top of Tobey’s shoes. The ball started rolling to the street. Tobey run after it, When “BAM!” Tobey was hit by a car. Tobey felt like he was going to die. Mike was screaming for help. Duce was calling all, Tobey saw a serve of people looking at him; and then he heard the sound of an ambulance.

Tobey woke up thinking he was in heaven he said, “Hello.”

“I’m right here,” said his mom.
“My summer is ruined. I bet I’ve broken all my bones.”

Suddenly, the doctor came in.

“Hello guys I got good news, Tobey here is all right he has no injuries.”
At first Tobey thought he was lying because it’s impossible.

“It’s like a miracle,” said the doctor.

Tobey was so happy that he was alive now he can spend his summer vacation still playing basketball. Tobey felt weird because when he got up he could bend his arm way better than he used to when he broke his arm on roller coaster.

He left the hospital and went straight to play basketball. He met Mike, Madden, & Duce in the basketball court.

They started to play a two on two. Same teams. Mike passed me the ball and Tobey scored a two pointer. Mike looked amazed.

“That was a lucky shot,” said Duce. “I bet you can’t do it again,” said Duce.

“Hey all of you I want to talk to you,” said a man. “I want you all to join my basketball team. You will be ready good,” said Coach Thomas.

“In Madison Square Garden my team plays there. I have to go take care my team you better come,” said Coach Thomas.

Tobey went to practice. At the end of practice he went home to tell my mom that he was going to join the team.

Tobey and the Cavaliers won the season with a perfect record. Then they made it to the playoffs. They beat Manhattan & Queens. It was only the Brooklyn Dominators left. They were very good. The Dominators were leading by six in the 1st quarter until Mike scored a buzzer at the three to end the 1st 17-8. Then the cavaliers were losing by three in the second quarter 20-23. A kid named Junior scored a half court shot in the second quarter.

The Cavaliers were winning by one at the end of the third quarter. One minute left in the 4th quarter we were losing by two.

I was so scared that we were this far and we were going to lose. Mike, took it down the court, there were thirty seconds left. He passed it to Duce to shoot. Suddenly, he missed it but Madden caught the rebound then he passed to me 3, 2, 1. I shot from the three. BAM!!!! I made it. We won. It was like a miracle on 42 street. The whole team jumping on me, some fans dropped ice cold water on Coach Thomas.