Amazing Kids! Magazine

Mushroom War

By Spencer Buzzelli, Age 10, Ohio


For years red and blue mushrooms have been at war, blue for freedom and red for domination…

Boom, Boom, Boom.

“Take cover,” said a voice right before bombs hit the ground. After that, blue mushrooms were arming up because they knew who was coming, the red mushrooms.

“Here they come,” said another voice. Then red mushrooms were coming over the hill and poured into the blue’s line of defence. Mushrooms were battling everywhere. Blues were climbing on the red’s tanks, blowing them up. They thought they had won because they were retreating, but then a huge cannon came over the hill. The blue’s leader, Squauto, told them to retreat. Now the reds had them running. Most of the blues were safe away from the hill but some were still climbing, the reds loaded their cannon and shot. All the blues in the hill disintegrated and the ones outside got blown away because of the impact.

“W-W-Where are we?”said Squauto.

“We are by our tree, sir”said Spotion, the mushroom second in command. This was their home and if the red mushrooms found it, they would be in serious trouble.

“What was that, a cannon?” said Squauto.

“Yes sir.”

“It is called, The Spore. It has highly explosive ammo that will disintegrate any thing.”

“So if we destroy it we will have a good chance at winning this war?” said Squauto.

“But sir, if we take everybody we will all be destroyed!”

“I didn’t say anything about taking everybody,” said Squauto.

So they made an agreement that 10 men will go behind enemy lines to destroy the cannon and they would leave in the morning.

“Everyone wake up!” said the mushroom in command of the squad going to destroy the cannon.

They all got up and got ready to go. Commander Shroom was the mushroom in charge of this mission.

“Let’s go boys,” said Shroom, as his men where leaving their cabin.

Hiking for about 3 hours they were just about to cross the border into the red mushrooms territory when they heard screaming. Shroom told them all to get down. When they all got down, they saw where the screaming was coming from, blue mushroom prisoners. Red mushrooms were torturing them.

There were only five blues but there were also 20 reds. One of the soldiers tried to make a run for it but the reds were ready because before you knew it he was the ground, lifeless. One of the 10 men made a noise and the reds saw them. The blues started to run and after awhile they stopped and hid behind a bunch of bushes.

One of the men said that they would never get to the red’s base.

Shroom said, “You might want to look behind you”. They all turned and saw that they were right next to the red’s base.

Bam! One of the soldiers fell face flat on the ground. They had forgotten about the men behind them and then the blues fought back. It was 20 reds against 9 blues.

After that little battle, they had 8 men left. They got into the base and saw the cannon. There were only two men working on it. All the other reds were arming up to go destroy the blue’s H.Q. They moved toward the cannon from the back and placed the bomb down. But before they could leave to detonate the bomb, alarms started blaring.

About 50 reds were coming at them. One of the reds fixing the cannon shot one of the blues and the other disabled the bomb. They had 7 men left and the bomb was disabled. They thought they failed the mission, but Shroom told them they didn’t yet. He was going to hardwire the bomb so he could still destroy the cannon. Shroom couldn’t detonate it from a distance so he told the blues to get as far away as possible so when he detonated the bomb…… they started arguing that he shouldn’t do it.

“Stop,” said Shroom, and they listened.

The six men ran away into the forest as fast as they could. Shroom held the reds off as long as he could, but he was getting overwelmed. Before he knew it, he blacked out.

When he woke up, he didn’t know where he was except the part that he was getting dragged. A red mushroom put him next to another slave.

Shroom asked him, “What had happened to all the other blues?”

The other blue said, “You don’t remember?” “They reds took over the world!”

Shroom said, “What!”