Amazing Kids! Magazine

My new Nephew

By Guadalupe Perez, Age 12, California


A beautiful sunny morning, looking through the shiny window of the Redwood City Hospital and staring at the colorful leaves slowly falling to the ground, my sister was happily watching her beloved baby boy; she truly loved her bundle of goodness. Gazing into her little baby’s eyes, she noticed his dazzling, enormous coffee brown eyes. Smelling the strong scent of alcohol made me sneeze. I felt like I had horrible allergies.

My dad came through the hospital doors while I was walking out. His hair looked clean, and he was wearing his favorite dark green work shirt. His eyes were filled with joy when he saw his new grandson. By looking at his slow steps, I knew he was exhausted of his long workday. An elderly doctor nervously walked in the room and said, “Since he is still a small baby, you need to take very good of him.”

We realized that he could get asthma attacks if he doesn’t take his medicine when he is supposed to. I glared at my sister and noticed that she was depressed. She thought, How did this happen? Wasn’t he perfectly fine at first? We left home in my sister’s small gray car. When we got home, she gave the baby the medication. The small baby seemed fine for a month. However, two more months passed, and he had his first attack.

We immediately went back to the hospital. The doctors quickly took the baby in. A nurse with long black hair, and a white dirty gown said there is a new medication to cure asthma. My sister’s face lit up like a Christmas tree. She ordered the medicine for him.

When we got home we had to wait another day to get the medicine. The medicine was in the next day. My nephew took the medication for about two months, and it was working; he never again got an asthma attack.

My sister has been happy since the day she realized he wouldn’t have asthma no more.