Amazing Kids! Magazine

My Splendid Vacation

By Nathan Tamari, age 7, New York


The week is almost over which means vacation! I love vacations but all vacations have to be over at SOME point. That is except if you are too old to do your job.

Anyway, so on Friday we went to our Seder at my great aunt’s house all the way in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and our cousins came from San Francisco, California. Then, on Saturday we went to my grandma’s house for our 2nd Seder. Then on Sunday we went to the Mets game just me and my dad. The Mets won 7-5. They were against the Braves. Then, on Monday, we went to the doctor, they had to test my blood. Ouch. Then, we saw the rainbow fish and we went to two parks. Then, on Tuesday I went to the dentist to and the dentist said that I did great! And after that we went to the Great Neck library to see a ventriloquist. It was hilarious! Then on Wednesday, we took our pictures with my grandma. They even took a picture of us jumping!!! Then, on Thursday we went to the city with my grandma and went by the empire state building! It was huge! Also, we went to see a show called “Stinky Kids”. It was pretty cool!  And on Friday and we went to Wood Kingdom and we had very good franks. There were like 8 slides! Then, we saw a mime. It was amazing! He was making cool sounds and taught us that mime was the FIRST language! Wow, which is mom upside down. That’s what they say in “my weird school.”

I had a great vacation and I hope I have a good return to school! GOOD-BYE!