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By Madeleine Berkowitz, age 10, New York


1: Leaving

“Bounce! Bounce!”

I love this place, my home planet. As a two-ball alien, bouncing here is my favorite thing to do. Planet Bounds-Booce, or BBX234-Bouncer as Earth ones know it, has special ground that’s like a trampoline. It’s awesome! I love it here!

But I have a secret. Our planet has gotten poorer and poorer because of those rotten Earth “people” taking all of our stuff. So our government appointed me to go on a secret mission: to disguise as a caring Earth one, or “human,” and ask the Earth leaders to help us. They asked me because my Earth language is good, and my slight accent sounds “Spanish”—an Earth type of accent. They hope that I will not be suspected.

Today is the day I will leave home. I will go in a model of a Earth flying machine, or “airplane,” so it will not cause suspicion.

President Bouncer XIII (they all take the name) approaches me. “Bounder, are you ready?”

“I’ve always been ready to save my home.”

“I wish you good luck, Bounder. Do well.”

“Thank you.”

I give my last goodbyes to my family and friends, then climb in. We’ve had who knows how many test flights, so I know how to do this. I take a last look at the home I may never see again, press the pedal, and zoom off into the darkness of space.

2: We Must Wait

“You have already done so much to them. Would you like it, Mr. President, if food and shelter, the needs of life, were taken from you as they were from the Native Americans, and now the Two-Balls?”

I have made it to Earth. I have arranged meetings with Earth’s leaders. I have stood up for the people of my home planet. I have stayed in this world for two of its years, three and a half of ours. I do not take off my disguise. For three and a half of my years, I have not shown my true identity. Every day I remind myself of who I really am. Sometimes I feel like a “human.” It is hard. The President of the United States speaks.

“I suppose that you are right, Al.” (Al is the Earth name I go by.) “We are as bad as the settlers who forced the Natives off their land. I will speak to the others and see what they say.”

“Thank you, Mr. President.”

By the “others,” he means the other world leaders on the committee that I have requested to meet. Acting as a powerful human, I’ve asked for all the world’s leaders to assemble so that I could address them one at a time or all together on the issue that I “cared” about. Care?! I do not simply care. My life depends on this! This I do not say, of course, but I would love to shout those words out so loud that all the Earth’s people can hear. Urrrg. Why did I do this?!

“To save your planet, Bounder. To save your planet.”

Oh, be quiet you inner voice! But now Mr. Inner Voice reminds me of a good thing. Tomorrow Mr. President will try and convince the other leaders that what I am saying is true. Tomorrow has the fate of my planet weighing heavy on its shoulders.

3: I Can’t Tell You What’s Going to Happen Here, That Would Be Too Mean

Our planet is saved! Our planet is saved! Our planet is saved! Our planet is saved!

I must think this over and over again to really know and believe it is true! Mr. President has convinced the World Leaders to stop their harmful acts towards Planet Bounds-Booce! He has asked me to go to Planet Bounds-Booce to announce the good news, along with the food and supplies that are needed up there. He says I will stay as a messenger of peace, and that he will visit once a year, in “October, and he gives me an Earth time-keeper so I will know when.

But he is wrong. I will not stay as a messenger of peace, but as one of my own kind, a two-ball. In this “October” he speaks of, I will put on my disguise again, and speak the Earth language. I will tell Mr. President that all is well on Planet Bounds-Booce. Maybe it won’t turn out to be that simple. But I am going home now. Home. I know how to fly this machine, too. I take a last look at Earth, the place I might just never see again. I wave, then press the lever, and zoom towards the vastness of space. Towards home.

4: Again, I Can’t Tell You What’s Going to Happen Here, That Would Be Too Mean


The President rushes up to me. My family, friends, and about half the population of Planet Bounds-Booce are right behind him.

“BOUNDER!” The humongous crowds’ shouting could drown out every sound on Earth. The President lets me have a family reunion first, then comes up to me and asks the question everyone’s been waiting for, but fears the answer to. “Are we saved?”

The time that it takes for me to answer is only one deep breath, but it seems like forever. I grin. One more deep breath, then, “We’re SAVED!!!!”

Now we could really drown out all the sound on Earth and Bounds-Booce with all this cheering. Everyone is practically running around with ears plugged, only letting themselves hear the deafening noise when they rejoice with each other. The President comes up to stand next to me.

That shuts everyone up. He says the two simple words that are what everyone’s been wanting to say, plus one extra: “Thank you, Bounder.”

I’m surprised when the whole crowd whispers along, “Thank you Bounder,” as if trained to do so. The President awards me with a medal of honor, and another (plus a hug) when I present the boxes of supplies. He comes over to whisper into my ear. I nod, grin, then turn to the crowd. For the first time in three and a half years, I speak in my language.

“Wrat, tik blogus tinta flegon shu rutdas cendallfs.”

Or,  “Well, these boxes ain’t going to unpack themselves.”

I am home.

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  1. Roberta Baxter /

    Congratulations Madeline. What a great and creative story! I can’t wait to read whatever you write next.