Amazing Kids! Magazine

Naughty Billy

By Sehen Gamhewa, Age 8, Kuwait


Billy Is a Bad Bully

Billy was a monkey who was a bully. He would bully all young monkeys. He had a smaller brother called Timmy. Billy even bullied him. One day Timmy monkey was picking a banana from a tree. Billy climbed down a tree.

“Give it,” demanded Billy.

“No, it’s mine,” Timmy said fiercely.

He started to peel it just when Billy started tickling him. Timmy laughed and laughed and dropped the banana. Billy stopped tickling him and took the banana and ran away. Poor Timmy stood there sadly wishing he had the banana.

“Hmmmm, even though he has the banana I can take revenge on him,” little Timmy thought.


Taking Revenge

The next day he stood by a tree until Billy came along. Timmy pulled his tail and gave him a slap and ran back home.

“Grrrrrr. Who slapped me? Come on show yourself,” Billy growled.

He eventually forgot about it and went to play with his friends. Timmy knew that Billy was proud of his Rugby ball. So what little Timmy did the next day was put some glue on the rugby ball so that when Billy came to take his ball,  he would be unable to throw it.

“What fun?” Timmy giggled and crept away.

Billy came and took the rugby ball and went away. After Billy went away to play when he tried to throw the ball, it didn’t go anywhere because it was glued to Billy’s hand. All of his friends laughed at him and Billy turned as red as beetroot.


Billy Becomes Good

Billy was eating a banana the next day. Somebody pulled his tail. Can you guess who it was? Of course, it was little Timmy. Billy kept his banana on the tree and turned around. Timmy popped out in front Billy took the banana and shimmied up a tree. Billy turned back where he had kept his banana and found out that it was gone. Billy realized how Timmy had felt when he had taken Timmy’s banana. He searched for Timmy to apologize. Timmy was playing a game.

“I’m sorry Timmy for what I did to you that day,” Billy said.

“That’s okay at least you are becoming good,” Timmy said.

From that day on Billy never bullied anyone thanks to little Timmy.