Amazing Kids! Magazine

Nephew on the Run

By Alfonso Garcia, Grade 7, California


It was a hot day in May and the red birds were chirping in front of my porch when my sister called me and asked, ‘‘Could you please babysit Damian while I go to the grocery store?’’


“We’ll be there in 15 minutes.”

When they arrived, I saw that Damian had brought his small skateboard, the kind for little kids. Damian was five years old, skinny, and had shiny blue eyes that, at the moment, seemed to be telling me, ‘‘Let’s go to the skate park!’’ He liked wearing Mickey Mouse t-shirts, and was the most light-skinned in our family.

When Damian came out of the car with his skateboard, his mom yelled out, ‘‘Me lo cuidas!” Take care of him for me!

“No te precupes,’’ I told her. Don’t worry.

When she left, Damian and I decided to go to the skate park with my friend Angel. Angel was a skinny boy, with brown eyes and a face that always seemed to say ‘‘I’m glad to see you today.’’ His hair was like a bird’s nest, and he mostly wore skinny jeans and dark colored t-shirts.

Angel, Damian, and I went to the skate park at the top of the hill. Angel and I noticed a guy doing a kick flip. We were so distracted by the guy doing tricks that we didn’t notice my nephew getting bored and leaving. When we realized he was gone, Angel and I looked around everywhere; it seemed like the earth sucked him in.

Suddenly, we heard a chubby guy yell out, ‘‘There’s a little kid going down the hill!’’

The first thing I thought was that if Damian was going down the hill, he would end up in the hospital. Angel and I sprinted to where the chubby guy was, and looked down the hill. I saw Damian covering his face, and then I saw my friend Julio at the bottom of the hill.

Julio was a sponsored skateboarder, and he mostly wore DGK sweaters. Julio had curly hair that made him look like he’d just rolled out of bed.

Julio saw Damian coming down and he shouted, ‘‘I got him!’’ Julio snatched Damian from the skateboard. The board went flying off, about 15 feet away from where Damian and Julio were.

I went down to get the skateboard, thanking Julio, and we went home like nothing happened.