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No Pug Intended

By Samantha Coville, Age 14, Florida


I went to the pound that day expecting to get either a Terrier or a Chihuahua. I was not planning on leaving with a pug named Yap. At the time, it wasn’t apparent to me why he had been named Yap.

I brought Yap home and my kids, Selena and James, were excited to see their new pet. When the saw the squishy faced and bland colors they were indeed disappointed. However, they got over it soon enough and before I knew it, they were outside teaching the dog to “speak”.

I sat at my usual place in the living room, the armchair by the lamp and the bed stand. I picked up my favorite novel, No Pun Intended, and began to enjoy some time to myself. I got all the way to the chapter where the secret agents were leaving no stone unturned when a loud crash came from the kitchen. I jumped up in time to see Yap sitting on the counter and my children trying to clean up the dishes that had come crashing down as a result from Yap jumping up.

I was obviously upset since I figured the dog wouldn’t be able to reach my fine china. I grabbed him by the collar and put him outdoors. The kids were upset, but I wasn’t going to let it bother me. They eventually went upstairs to their room.

Yap was howling and barking and moaning and whining and just wouldn’t stop. I tried playing fetch with him, but he howled the whole time. I tried to give him a treat, but he barked at it endlessly. Finally, I attempted to put him in the tree house in the dark and see what happens. He just whined the entire time.

I went up to my kids room to ask them to take Yap for a walk. When I reached the door I heard not two voices, but four. I listened through the door and realized it was two voices, but two sets of the same two voices. I opened the door a crack and peeked inside.

I found my kids at their bedroom window holding a string out in mid air. “What do you think you’re doing?” I inquired.

The two of them spun around and almost dropped the string but James caught it in time. Of course, I got the same response from both of them: “Nothing.”

I walked over and pulled the string back into the room. At the end of the string was one of those voice recorders. It was playing a recorded message and its setting screen read, “Loop.” This thing would play on and on. I listened to the message.

Selena’s voice came on first and then James. Their voices said the same word over and over again going back and forth between the two of them.


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    Wow that’s cool