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Opening Up My Eyes

By Deepthi Chandra, age 14, Washington


The world stopped, and in that moment, nothing mattered except me and only me. The social pressure and high standards of society melted away. The smallest sounds became the most important ones in the world: the brush of the trees swaying in the wind, the rain cascading against the foggy window of my treehouse, and the highs and lows of my voice. The moist wood pressed against my back, clearing my head as the aroma of pine trees flowed throughout the air. Creamy, brown wood folded into the triangle top of the treehouse, tangled with branches of a towering tree. I was at my home. Not my father’s Victorian mansion, but at my treehouse singing my heart out.

I burst into the chorus, not letting a single note push me down. My voice echoed in the forest, the treehouse barely enough to hold me. The music flowed through me, energizing me, and I held on, not willing to let go of my secret love. I neared the end and took in the last note like a lifesaving breath of air. As I put the microphone down beside me, goosebumps crept up my arm and I felt a chill. A whiff of lemon perfume flowed through the treehouse door.

“Anyone there?” I said quietly, my voice shaking.

“The notes you sing come together full of strength and passion, making your voice deep and rich like dark chocolate. Each note is a shooting star that lights me on fire. The vibrations of sound fly off, only to swallow me whole,” the olive skinned intruder replied as the wind swept her long brown curls across her face. She looked around forty-five and her warm, wrinkled brown eyes gave the impression of wisdom. “I was supposed to meet with your father, Tae Timo the famous classical pianist, but I heard your singing and it captured my attention.”

Her words hung in the air while I took them in. I stood still; her words paralyzed me.

“Your talent is refreshing,” she said, studying me. Here’s my card. Call me if you are interested in singing a duet at NY MusicOps.”

I scanned the card, Alexana Fransha: MusicOps CEO. I tried to keep my face cool and collected but failed tremendously. “NY MusicOps? You want me to sing there? Wait, a duet?”

“Yes, I see a great deal of talent in you.” Alexana replied. “Singing with another person can open up your eyes to so much more.” I could see memories flooding her mind; she was obviously talking from personal experience. Alexana stepped down onto the ground. “Find a friend to do the duet with. Don’t let me down,” she said with sincerity.

While my eyes followed Alexana as she glided through the garden surrounding the mansion, my heart overflowed with hope and fear. If I performed at Music Ops then my father might finally be proud of me. However, even the thought of finding a duet partner chilled me to the bone. No one in their right mind would want to sing with me.

“Camille? Your father requests to speak to you,” one my father’s butlers said.

“I’m coming,” I replied as I slipped on my black cashmere cardigan and ran back to the Victorian mansion, my heart beating a million times every step.

Finally, I passed through the towering golden gates and grand front doors, a trickle of sweat running down my forehead. I stood in front of my father, timid as a mouse.

“Alexana Fransha stopped by a short while ago. Apparently, she gave my spot at NY MusicOps to another younger, more refreshing musician.”

“That is true,” I said, beaming with pride. “Alexana was so impressed by my singing that she invited me to sing a duet at NY MusicOps.” I couldn’t wait for my father’s reaction. All this time he had doubted me and I finally could prove that I was just as talented as him.

“Well then, don’t embarrass me,” my father said, looking unimpressed as usual.

Just as I started walking to the front door, I eyed him one last time. He caught me and sighed, “Get that duet partner. Don’t let me down.”

I didn’t think I could do it. Now, there was no way I was performing at Music Ops. Alexana and my father both wanted me to find a duet partner to wow the world with, but I just wanted to be alone in the warmth of my treehouse surrounded by my music. The pressure was too much; finding a duet partner was far more intimidating than playing at MusicOps or anything I had ever done before.

When I got back to the treehouse, I launched into a song, pouring my feelings out. Eventually, my sound began to crackle and I realized my microphone’s batteries were burned out. I needed to go back to the mansion to get new ones. Outside the treehouse, the night sky was dark as death. I stealthily crept to the mansion under a thin veil of darkness. Through the window near the front door, I could see a faint silhouette of my father talking on the phone. It was probably not a smart idea to disturb him and as a result, I sneaked in through the silver rimmed back doors, using a hairpin to pick the lock.

“What do you mean you want her to perform?” my father yelled into the phone, his face pale and hair unkempt. “She will look pathetic next to all the other performers!”

I will look pathetic! Heat rose to my face, fury engulfing me. Without a second of hesitation, I ran faster than the wind. Tears fell down my cheeks in big, wet puddles.

My own father was trying to sabotage my chances at MusicOps. Was I that unskilled? No, Alexana Fransha herself told me that I was amazing. My father doesn’t see my talent, though; he just holds me back. I am going to find a duet partner no matter what it takes and wow the world. I will battle against the intimidating force of high school popularity and rise above my social awkwardness. I will do absolutely anything to prove to my father that I am as talented as him.



  1. Oh my I can totally picture this so vivid

  2. Elizabeth /

    Wow! I love this short short story.

  3. Awesome story, with great feeling in it.