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Perceiving Feathers of Existence

By Krithik Ashokkumar, age 11, New Jersey


Perceiving two distinct ivory quill feathers, the remnants of the source of my birth had become attenuate. Per capita feather an emblem of one of the company of four personages providing a blanketing outlook of my domestic. As a pastime altering actuality, the existence of these individuals facilitating the sustenance of the intact state of the household of four, is dependent on utterly all vanes accompanied with nil marginalization consisted within these integumentary structures.

As the rays from the sun blazed through the curtain opening, a peculiar leather case had been rested on the floor, in an angle discontinuing the gleam from hitting the reversed sides of the area towards me. Upright, I thrusted the suitcase towards the direction of the immersed paintings that had been illustrated to suit my imagination of my originator’s appearance and life background. The pictures offering me greater raisings of my parentage’s existence within.

As life ran as finely oiled machinery one lustrum earlier, my grandma hesitatingly choked on series of words which at no time left my ears hitherto. “Adrienne and Aron would always bring with them a part of you as they travel through mesmerizing stimulations that awaits with untold secrets that the world was hiding from them. As your progenitors set out to ignite and conquer contemporary adventures, you will forever be recollected in their soul.” The small car among billions that is my life had steered towards a dissimilar route that brief period of time. A route with innumerable bumps and cracks that would meet you across the way. You would forever travel in this course either struggling to dodge the integrated obstacles as life pushes you forward, or tarring the way unreservedly. Although my biological parents were allotted limited chances of visually capturing a section in my young childhood, hearing their life experiences shaping their present situations had always given me the insurance needed to believe they are being carried with me.

“Nadine had forever been defined as faithful as Minette had the meaning of faithful defender. God had been firmly strong-willed, until the last second of my existence as Minette Conner, I will forever be your faithful defender.” My grandma encompassed the strength to providing optimistic vibes. “Forever, you had possessed the gift to render your guardians with complete choice.”

Anon, the interiors of the residence had subsequently been brought to life by a splash of gaudy, lurid colors. Each work of art a depiction of my birth parents. The portrayals resembling significant movement towards fragmenting the shell shaped by the trail my vehicle currently steers on attributable to my prototypes. As the shell shatters, my innovative essence would candidly imprint onto the barriers of my surroundings.

Leather case meeting my eyes, my hand advanced virtually towards its closure, producing a series of movements, striving to unlock the valise. The interior of the case consisted of a ramshackle photo dated 2012. As my eyes scrutinized the picture thoroughly, I endured being mentally strangled across varied expanses with nil limitations. The defining term of emotionally moved had then been thoroughly tacit. The picture having shown genuine love between two forces beyond the bounds. While casting down my eyes towards the direction of the frame of the image, my eyes comprised waterworks. Perceiving the incorporated sentence bounced judgments numerously twisted together in a confused mass. In bold cursive, the appellation read: In deep memory of Aron and Adrienne Conner.

Hands touching, beholding eye to eye, the image had shown fine exemplification of authentic love. With an enriched beam, the portrayals layering the walls had been perceived to appear in a diverse aspect than the reality ahead of me. The rationale to my existence had not departed in inkling of copiously abandoning me; nevertheless, by cause their faith was primed to do so. The clouds had not obliterated the sun conquering face for grasping the element of love my parentage yielded until the conclusion was adequate. Forever, I had endured a vacant range occupied of grime in my faculty of consciousness and thought. A shovel had today been grasped in my hands to initiate excavating expedite until the treasure has been designated. As the rays from the sun blazed through the curtain opening, an image had rest, mesmerizing golden by virtue of the sunbeams. Two stars that consist of my birth source are to perceive the reminiscences creating their existence in reliance they are persistently recalled in consequence of the detail of their remarkable footpath.


  1. Gaddiel /

    Nice story!

  2. Deepak P /

    Great write-up Krithik. I like the way you handled the examples to describe. Nice one!!