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Pip’s Desert Adventure

By: Abby Kane, age 7, Kentucky

Chapter One: Pip Starts His Adventure


One day Pip ladybug set out to look for food. After walking a very long time, he saw a snail. He asked if the snail had seen any bugs.

The snail said, “No. If you want bugs you must go to the Desert of Piewon in China.”

So Pip set off for China. After walking for many days, Pip finally reached China, but the Desert of Piewon was still very far away. So, he kept walking. He walked on and on and on. Finally, he reached the Desert of Piewon.

Guards stood at the gate to the Desert of Piewon. Of course, Pip did not know what they were. The guards did not see Pip jump over the gate. Pip’s adventure had now begun!

He started to walk across the Piewon. He walked for hours and hours; still no bugs. All he could see was miles and miles of sand. He was very thirsty. Then he came upon a big triangle.

“People must study shapes here,” said Pip.

He went over to the triangle and slipped through a crack in the door. He looked around and saw a hole in the wall. He jumped through it and started to walk again.


Chapter Two: Pip’s New Friend


Pip still had not found food or drink until one day he saw a camel.

“Hi,” said Pip. “My name is Pip.”

“Hi,” said the camel. “My name is Juju. Want a ride?”

“Sure,” said Pip. “By the way, do you know where any water is?”

“Of course! There are watering holes everywhere! In fact, there is one right there!”

“Thanks” said Pip, and he ran to get a drink.

After he got a drink, Pip thanked Juju and went on his way. Still no bugs. Then, he saw something flying up ahead. What could it be? When Pip saw it up close, he saw it was a bug! Then he saw millions of bugs, but now he had something else to worry about. How would he get the bugs home? He saw some net on the ground and he saw some velvet.

He caught the bugs in the velvet and trapped them in the net. Then he started back home. He passed everything he had seen before—the triangle and the watering hole—until he came back to the gate.


Chapter Three: Pip Gets Back Home


Pip jumped through the gate again. Then he saw the guards—how would he get past them? They would see the net and velvet. Then he got an idea! He opened the net and let out two bugs.

Lucky for Pip the guards were afraid of bugs. The bugs flew onto their faces.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhh…,” they screamed and ran away.

Pip kept on walking until he reached his home in the grass. All the other ladybugs listened to Pip as he told them about his adventure and they caught bugs until the moon rose. When it did, they all fell fast asleep.


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  1. Always love reading your stories Abby.