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Positive the Puppy

By Jumhpha Hienkeo, age 9, Canada

“Woof!” Positive barked. Positive was a little Dachshund puppy. Right now she was stuck in an adoption center, and in a cage. “Woof!” Positive barked again. No response. Whimpering, the little puppy curled up on the hard cage floor. Suddenly the store door flung open. A man about 40 years old stepped in. It was Mr. Werner. Mr. Werner was the keeper of the store. Just then a little girl and her mother came in.

“Mommy, Mommy!” The little girl cried, pointing to Positive. “Isn’t that puppy cute? Can we get her?” The mom looked at the Dachshund puppy. Mr. Werner looked up from his work.

“Yes, that puppy is a good choice for a girl,” he said. The mom sighed.

“We just can’t keep him. It’s too much work.” The whole store immediately fell silent. After a few seconds, the little girl burst into tears. “I’m so sorry, but we just can’t take a dog,” the mother said softly, taking the little girl’s hand. Still crying, the girl walked away with her mother. Positive uncurled and looked at the little girl’s disappointment.

“I wonder why no one will accept you, Positive,” Mr. Werner sighed before beginning to work again. Positive felt bad for the little girl. So she planned to escape that night. She didn’t like being in a cage anyway. So when night fell and the store closed, the little Dachshund puppy thought, Maybe if I can get onto the floor, it’ll be easier. But how am I supposed to do that? Positive thought and thought. Then an idea popped into her head. Positive started rocking back and forth, for this was her plan. Errech! The little Dachshund’s cage inched forward. A sudden tilt sent Positive flying toward the front bars of the cage.

“YIPE!” Positive yelped as her cage fell to the ground. The sudden slam popped the cage door open. Yes! Now I need to find the exit, the puppy thought excitedly.

“Squeak! I can help you escape!” a tiny mouse offered. Positive nodded quickly. The mouse flew into action. He scrambled onto the curtain and jumped onto the window lock. Click. The window loosened. Whoosh. The mouse pushed it and made it fly open.

“Thanks!” Positive barked. After the mouse bowed and scurried back into his hole in the wall, Positive leaped out the window. Unfortunately, a storm was taking place outside. The thunder hurt her ears, leaving them painfully sore, the wind was cold and harsh, and the rain was like water whips, beating her with every step. Do it for the girl, Positive thought. She felt like running away, but she stood her ground. Suddenly, the Dachshund picked up a scent. It was the little girl.

“Bark!” the puppy yipped, before dashing off to find the girl. When Positive was on Maybe Street, Chance Avenue, she heard weeping from a green house. Positive trotted over to the window. The girl was there, sobbing uncontrollably. Quickly, Positive went to the door. Scrape. Scrape. The puppy pawed on the door. Scrape.

“Who is it?” the mother called from inside.

“Woof!” Positive barked. The door opened. The girl gasped. There sat Positive, soggy and weak. The girl picked Positive up and turned to her mom with an “I told you so” look on her face. Her mother sighed.

“Ok. If she really means that much to you…”

Positive woofed happily. She was overjoyed! After the harsh travel, she finally found a home and a family. Good job, Positive!

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