Amazing Kids! Magazine

Riding on a Snowflake

By Naomi Ascenia Nash, age 7, England


One stormy night, there was a little girl called Naomi who slept peacefully in her bed. While she was sleeping, she had a very mysterious dream about a snow fairy. The magical creature said in a gentle voice, “I know you have always wanted to be a fairy. Your wish can come true if you make a snowflake for the fairy queen. Good luck!”

At first, she did not think it was real. But it was real because she had spotted a sparkly blue trail of fairy dust from her bed leading to the windowsill. Naomi was shocked but pleased. She thought this was going to be no problem at all, so she got to work immediately. She didn’t know it was not to be made out of paper, so she cut shapes of snowflakes from a glittery blue card. When she was done, she went outside in search of the fairy queen. Suddenly, she saw a bright blue light in front of her. Naomi’s adventure was already beginning!

She followed the dot of blue light in front of her. When the fairy stopped, Naomi saw the most magnificent castle she had ever seen! It was huge! She went inside the enormous place of wonder and saw, sitting in front of her, the fairy princess on a throne made of sparkly crystals and diamonds.

“Here you go, your majesty,” Naomi said in a trembling voice. She gently handed the paper snowflake to the queen of all fairies and curtsied.

The fairy queen looked at it carefully and bellowed, “This is no snowflake; this is just paper! Please leave; you have wasted my time and cannot come back until you have brought me a proper snowflake.” She scrunched it up and threw it in the bin.

Naomi was disappointed because all her hard work was destroyed. With drooped shoulders, she walked away without saying a word. When she got home, she thought for hours and hours until she got the perfect idea that shot into her head like a zooming rocket. She would make a snowflake out of ice! Since she did not want it to melt, she also made a mini refrigerator to keep it cool. Once again, she rushed to the fairy queen’s palace and presented her wonderful masterpiece. Naomi waited patiently and nervously to hear the opinion of the fairy queen. Her heart beat hard against her little chest as if it wanted to escape.

“I don’t like it.” said the queen, “I love it!” Naomi felt rainbows and stars shooting from her heart. The fairy queen said, “I will grant you your wish.” She wiggled her ears, twisted her nose, and pointed her wand at the little girl and BAM! Naomi was a fairy at last. She was so happy, she sprang from snowflake to snowflake as she tested out her new wings.