Amazing Kids! Magazine

Sam’s First Camping Trip

By Srita Upparapalli, age 6, Virginia


Once upon a time, there lived a boy named Sam. One day Sam’s parents said, “Let us go camping!”

“I don’t want to go camping. It’s very dark! It’s very cold!” said Sam with fear on his face.

“Hey, Sam! Do not be afraid! Your mom and I are very great campers. We promise you we’ll have lots of fun!” assured Dad.

“But there could be wild animals! I am afraid!” said Sam.

“There are no wild animals on our campsite. Besides, we will be with you all the time to take care of you,” replied Mom.

Two days passed. It was a bright and sunny Saturday! Sam’s family got ready to go camping. Dad shouted out, “We are going to have the best camping trip ever!” but Sam was not so sure. Finally, they arrived at the campsite around noon.

Sam helped his father put up the tent. He enjoyed setting it up.

He started riding his bike on the smooth road in front of the campsite. While biking, he made a new friend named Robert. They both biked, played baseball, and ate snacks together.

Later, Sam’s father lit the campfire. Sam roasted six marshmallows and ate them. They were tasty.

The family spent the night in the tent and played some fun games. Then they all fell asleep.

The next day, when Sam woke up, Mom and Dad told him that it was time for them to leave. But Sam didn’t want to go home. He wanted to stay there forever. He said, “Why do we have to go back home? Camping was so much fun!”

Mom and Dad were glad to hear that. “We will plan another camping trip next month!” they replied. Sam was already looking forward to it.