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By Annabella Rose, age 7, Missouri


I felt the walls shake. I was trying to breathe when the continent was sinking. I could hear my mom screaming, “Sapphire, run as fast as you can, so the water cannot gobble you up!”

But I wanted my mom, so I yelled, “Come with me!”

My mom cried, “No, the water is raging. I can swim, but you cannot, so run.”

I could not run; my mom was my favorite person of all. Just then, there was a big boom. I felt my clothes ripping. My legs pushed together, and they started to look like a mermaid tail.

Now my house had sunk away. I swam against the current. My arms were aching as I went above water to get to my continent, Atlantis, but it was gone.

I was weirded out by my home vanishing. I gulped in as much air as I could; then I went really deep in the water and found my home drifting beneath my tail.

My tail? I thought. I touched my new scales, and it made me feel better. It’s not that bad. Maybe everybody else grew a tail, too.

I remembered when my mom took me to the royal court. Everybody there seemed to know everything. I decided to go to the king and queen to see if they could help.

The palace hadn’t floated far. It held the same people, only they had turned into mermaids, too. When they saw me, they ushered me in to the royal hall, but I did not know that it was.

Even the king and queen were shaking behind the banister. I asked them, “Why are you afraid in your own hall?”

I was so confused. I did not notice the ghost behind me. It said, “BOO!”

I jumped and turned. “That’s what scared you?” I took a plank and hit it on the head.

It flew into a painting for the next 1,000,000,000,000 years.

Then I wanted to explore my new underwater home. I went back to my house. When I saw my mom, I was so happy I dived upon her with a big, wet hug.

Tired from the day’s events, I asked, “Can I see my room?” I feared it was destroyed.

My mom smiled. “All right.”

She took me up the stairs, through the hall, and to the bedroom door. With tears in my eyes, I looked in to see that my room was just the same. Only the water had filled it. It was a mer-room.

I set my alarm to 9:00 and slept.

I woke the next day, had breakfast, and went out to get the mail. Nearby a pirate stood above, fishing. He had a large net, so big that it covered me. My tail got stuck. I could not get out.

He pulled me up and meant to keep me. But I said, “Please let me go.”

His eyes got large, and he said, “You can talk?”

“Yes. I used to be a person who lived in Atlantis, but when it sunk, I turned into this.” I flicked my tail.

“Are you sure?” He cocked his head.

I grew hot with anger. “Let me go!” I yelled.

So, he did. Now I look in every direction before I swim. Because you can never be too careful in these parts.

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  1. Cindy Hawkins /

    I loved Annabella Rose’s story. She is very talented.