Amazing Kids! Magazine

Shark Rider

By Jack Kerlee, Age 11, Ohio


My name is Sajan (saw-gin). I’m part of a Native American tribe called Calusa, in what is now Florida and I am a shark rider. This is my life story. When I was little, I had always heard stories about the ancient warrior Cradoin (Craw-do-ia wen) who tamed sharks which he and his fleet would use to fight off the Shirengonions (she-rig-oni-ons) who were evil demons from the badlands.

On the last days of the war, the warriors attacked the badlands, destroying all of them with their strongest shark the Megalodon.

Now hundreds of moons later the Shirengonions are back and killing our people. My father went to war he was a shark rider and he died when I was eight seasons old. I had grown up and learned to ride sharks.

The war was going on and we were losing because there no more shark riders. When I had reached the age where I could go to war, I joined our navy and met more people I thought I could trust with the ability to ride sharks. The war was nearly won but to destroy the capital city they needed a more powerful shark. That night I had pray to the shark god, Bognasie (bog –na –see). When I awoke, I saw hundreds of Megalodon from the water and that’s when I knew today was the day to attack.  At noon, we attacked and destroyed the capital city. The war was won. I am old now my son is a shark rider. The Shirengonions have not returned but an army still stands ready for the Shirengonions and our army will stand ready as long as we live.