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By Sofia Carlota Brun, Age 13, Brazil


Chapter 1

I was staring into the seemingly empty ocean near my little island, San Juan Island.  Like any other Saturday right after dawn,  it was quiet.  My parents thought I was still deep asleep since it was a Friday last night.  The ocean was deep blue and dawn had turned to day. That meant I’d have to run up the mountain back to my house, wake up everyone and cook breakfast.  I started running. I took my slippers off to run so they wouldn’t fall downwards when I went up to my home.

I got home and I slept for about one extra hour after I climbed in through the window.  Then with my sleepy face on, I went to wake up everyone, first my parents and then my older sister and brother.

“Hey, brats,” my brother greeted my sister and me, though she was older than me she wasn’t older than our brother.

“Hi, idiot,” my sister said, she was fifteen and he was seventeen. Me, I was twelve.

“Hi-” I started, but my brother cut me off.

“Omelette, now.”

“Me, too.  Extra mushrooms.”  My sister added.

“And you, ma?” I asked my mom.

“Your dad and I are going out, nothing for us,” She said, “Lucas,” my mom said to my brother, “Be easy on your sisters.”

“Sure, sure,” he responded.

“Okay, goodbye, Lucas.”

“Huh? Oh, yea, bye.” He was too busy on his laptop to pay attention, and apparently to make his breakfast.

“Bye, Sarah.”

“Yea, okay, mom.” My sister said with her eyes focused on her cell phone screen texting.

“Bye, ma!” I said to my mom.

“Bye, Grace.”

I started cooking, it seemed almost impossible that I knew more cooking than my own mother.  I wanted to run away to the ocean; it seemed so much easier there.

“Okay, Gracie.  Where’s my breakfast?” My brother asked impatiently.

“It’s Grace not Gracie first of all, and second of all it’s right in front of you. You would know that if you didn’t spend the whole day looking at your laptop,” I said.

“And mine?” My sister asked.

“It’s almost done.”

“It better be!  I’m starved.”

I couldn’t wait for my mom and dad to come back.  So then I could go back to the bay, it was so beautiful there.  And it was the time of the year that the killer whales came to visit San Juan Island.  It was magical.

“Here,” I said to my sister handing her her omelette.

“Thanks. Hey, lil’ sis?”


“Go get me pepper.”


I handed her the pepper.  Soon hours went by and my parents finally got home.

“Hi, pa!” I said to my dad.

“Hey, hun. We brought lunch.”

“What is it?”


“Don’t you like the tacos I make?”

“Yes, but… These are from a restaurant.”

“The difference?”

“I don’t know.” He moved on.

“Mom?” I asked.

“Yes, Grace?”

“Can I go have a private picnic?  You don’t even have to give me your food.”

“Yeah, sure.  I’ll see you later.”

And with that said I grabbed my fishing cane, fishing net, fork and knife and I left.


Chapter 2

I ran down the mountain to the bay side grill I’d made when I was little.  It looked a bit torn down but it was mine, and no one knew about it.  I went on the bridge and fished; I put a poor worm on the hook and flung it.

After about two hours, I had caught four fish; I didn’t give much to what they were.  I lit the fire with an old lighter I had hid in my pocket and cooked the fish on the grill.  They weren’t huge but they were a decent size.  They tasted great, and really fresh.

I looked to the sea and then closed my eyes as the ocean breeze swooped through my hair, I inhaled.  Then a splash awoke my daydream of living in the ocean.  I looked and I saw a magnificent killer whale.  I ran to the bridge; for only a second this great whale and me made complete eye contact.

Then when I looked at it’s body it had a small fisherman’s hook on one of it’s fins.  I skinned down to my swimsuit that I had under my clothes and leaped in the ocean without thinking.  I quickly swam to the whale and took the hook off very carefully.

“There you go.” I said to the whale, “What shall I call you?”

“Shasem!  That’s great and unique, just like you.”

Then something scared the whale and it swam off, I thought I would never see it again.  I looked behind me and my mother was looking at me.

“What on Earth do you think you’re doing!?” She screamed.

“But, it was hurt and-” I started to explain.

“It could have hurt you!” Then she talked to my dad, “Honey, get the whale hunters on the phone.”

“What?!” I shouted at my mom, I went up back onto the bridge.

“Yeah, sweetheart, isn’t that over rated?  It didn’t actually do anything to her.” My dad said to my mom.

“But what if it comes back and eats her!” My mom panicked.

“Uh, ma, orcas don’t eat people.  They eat fish, penguins and seals.” I said.

“Shut up!  What were you even doing swimming with it?” My mom asked me.

“When I saw it had a hook on its fin I had to take it off, see? And it’s not coming back, trust me.” I said.

“Alright, but you’re not aloud out alone anymore; and you’re band from the bay and ocean. And because I want to prove I mean it we’re moving further along the Island.” My mom said.

“Carmen,” My dad  said to my mom “Are you sure you want to move we’ve lived here all our life.”

“Well, Carl, blame Grace, not me.” My mom said.


Chapter 3

Later that year we had moved to the most touristic place on that Island, and it was as far as you could get from the ocean.  I had fallen into a deep depression.

Today we were going to go on holidays… great.  I wanted to write to one of my friends that lived near the bay to ask if she had seen Shasem.  I began: 

Hey, Baylee.  I’m sorry I’ve been bugging you so much about Shasem but I need to know if he’s still out there.  Please, look for him today at lunch time.


 That was it.  I sent it.  Hours later I received an e-mail.  And it looked like this: 

Grace, you’ve gone crazy!!!!  He’s gone okay, he isn’t coming back!  I’m sorry but there is no sign of him, not one!!!  I spent another useless lunch hour trying to find your precious Shasme or what was his name?  I can’t help you anymore.

Have a good holiday,


My own friend, she had too given up on me.  She was right though, I had gone crazy trying to find him. I would have to leave my Island with all it’s magnificent creatures on it to travel to New York. My worse fear, I didn’t want to think about it so I wrote to Baylee:

I know I’ve gone crazy, but I won’t give up.  And it’s Shasem not Shasme, you don’t have to waste your time trying to find him, don’t worry.  I’ll try having a good time, bye.  Talk to you in a month.


I stuffed my bag with necessities and other clothing items just in time for my mom to shout at me.

“Grace!  Get in the taxi!  We’re leaving for the boat!”

“Coming!” I shouted.

I was now thirteen, my sister was sixteen (with her own, and new, car, so I barely ever saw her home) and my brother was eighteen (so he was in a University all day and he had his own home but he came because he was obligated).


Chapter 4

The whole month went and I could not breathe in the stuffy conditions New York put me in.  I wanted home.  Now!  I needed a break from my break.  In fact I’d rather be called crazy at my house.

I got home, I checked on my fishes.  They were dead, the stupid maid had forgotten to feed them.  I would write her an e-mail.  When I thought of e-mails I remembered Baylee, I would check her e-mail, too but first I started writing to my maid: 

Dear Illieth,

You had forgotten to feed my fish while I was in vacation, that was the only job I had given you.  My fishes are dead.

Thanks for all your help,


Then I sent it and it was time to see what Baylee wrote to me while I was gone. Nothing… Absolutely nothing.  So I wrote to her:

Why didn’t you respond? I’m back, maybe one of these days you can come over.


I sent it and then an error occurred:

This e-mail user no longer exists or has blocked you from messaging or e-mailing him/her.

She blocked me.  I was no longer her friend.

One day later I received a message back from the maid:

Dear Young Mistress,

I am very sorry about your fishes, but your mother told me not to feed them.  She said her neighbors would take care of that, I see she was wrong.  I do not know if there was a mix up but all I can say is that I am truly sorry for you and your fishes.



I was shocked!  I couldn’t believe it!  My mom is a fish assassin.  I wrote back to her:

Dear Illieth,

Now it’s clear that it wasn’t your fault; but my mom’s.

I’m sorry for accusing,


Then I went downstairs to talk to my mom.

“Mom!  You killed my fish!  Why?” I asked.

“Because those little fishes were salt water fishes, salt water means from the ocean and from the ocean means relative from Shasem.” She said.

“That’s not an answer!” I started crying, not just because the fishes but because of how cruel my own ma was being to me, for all I had forgiven her the fishes should have been just a start.

I went in my room to chat with my friends and family online.  Illieth was on, she was the only one I really wanted to talk to:

Grace: Hi.

Illieth: Hi, I’m so sorry about your fishes.

Grace: What can we do about it?

Illieth: I could have fed them like I was told to.

Grace: But my mom didn’t want you to.

Illieth: Yes, she didn’t.

Grace: Oh, well.

Illieth: I wonder why she did it.

Grace: I don’t know, I got to go.

Illieth: Bye.

I didn’t think she’d ask.  I saw my dad online, he no longer lived with my mom and I.  He still lived in the bayside house on the mountain, but I hadn’t seen him since we moved.

Grace: Hi, dad!

Carl: Hello.

Grace: How are things?

Carl: Boring, and there?

Grace: Stupid…

Carl: You didn’t like vacations?

Grace: No.

Carl: Why?

Grace: ¬.¬ Shasem, and my ma starved my fishes while I was gone.

Carl: She would never do that!

Grace: So you don’t believe me?

Carl: Absolutely not!!!

Grace: Well, she even admit it.  Bye.

I went offline, my dad sent me an offline message.


Carl: I know you’re there, I saw Shasem, he was beautiful.  Don’t tell your mother.

            I wanted to ask him if he took pictures.  Of course he did, I thought.  Then another offline message:


Carl: And yes, I took pictures, some of them have me in them.  I’ll deliver them by post mail to you, I forgot how to e-mail photos.

My dad wasn’t very modern.  He’d forgotten everything I taught him about computers except for instant messaging because it was like e-mailing but faster.


Chapter 5

Later that month I got a bag of mail.  I’d forgotten to check my box that month.  Most of it was junk. But then I found a skinny little envelope.  It had my dad’s name on it, I opened it and found two pictures.  Each one worth one thousand words.  The first one was a picture of my dad on the bay fishing and the other one was Shasem.

He was just as I’d remembered him, great and unique.  It was a photo of him above water jumping towards my dad water surrounding him.  It was beautiful, I put both pictures under my pillow. I sent an e-mail to my dad that just said thank you.

I was a teen, bored with myself and had nothing to do.  So what was I to do?  I would run away, with my dad and then off with Shasem, I’d leave everything, which wasn’t much.  I wrote a letter to my dad on the computer, later I’d print it out:

Dad, I’m coming.  Be ready, expect me there at 3:00 am next Thursday, I have no time to explain; maybe when I get there.  Please, don’t tell.


I took it out of the printer as fast as I could, put one of my emergency stamps on it and shoved it in my pocket.  I leapt out the window and put it in the mailbox.  No one saw, it was sunny.

When I was back in my room I packed a small bag with necessities and hid it, it would be for next Thursday.

Time passed, then it was finally Wednesday night.  I didn’t sleep, I left my room.  I simply left a note under some papers on my desk.   They would notice the note the day I left because the maid comes that weekend and always finds notes there.  The note said:

Goodbye.  I love you all.


So I left and walked a cold long walk to my dad’s house.


Chapter 6

It was 3:30am and I still wasn’t there yet.  I texted my dad:

G: This is taking longer than I thought, I’ll be there by 4:00am.

I sent it.


G: Going home.

I shut my phone closed and ran, my legs ached and yet I ran and ran and ran.  I would not stop until I got to Shasem.  I found myself tripping time and time again.  I had gotten a deep wound on my right leg but that didn’t matter.  I ran.

I got home just in time, it was just as I’d remembered it. Warm colored and welcoming.  I ran inside the house and my dad welcomed me with a hug.

“I don’t know what you’re doing but I’m supporting you with all  my heart.”  He said.

“I’m running away with Shasem to an Island far North.” I whispered.

“Use my boat.”  He whispered back.


“I said use my boat, you need it more.”

“Thanks.  I’ll, uh, visit not soon.”

“You don’t have to. You’ll always be with me and your mother, sister and even your brother.  You know he regrets treating you like he did, and your mother…”

“I know, I know; she worries.”

“A lot.”

“I love you dad, bye.” I gave him a goodbye kiss on the cheek.

“Shasem.” My dad said looking at the bay, I turned around and saw him.

I immediately ran into the ocean and hugged the killer whale.

“Shasem, I thought I would never see you again!” I whispered to him.

I got in the boat, started the engine, and left strait North waving goodbye to my dad as Shasem followed my boat to our Island.