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Silence Forever

By Pansy Wan, Age 11, New Jersey


I woke up at the bright white light coming from the window. I looked around me but only saw moving mouths of people. No sound! I thought I was hallucinating, so I began to talk except no sound came out. I thought I lost my voice temporarily until I saw my crying mother. She was weeping in her hands by my dad and I began to think, “No, no, no, no! This can’t be happening.” Tears began to grow into my eyes and everybody turned to me. During that time, I noticed everybody was holding a notepad. Soon I began to catch on. People started to write to me like if I felt ok or if I was upset. I didn’t respond. All I wanted was to hear my mother and father’s voice. I tried to remember what had happened before.

I remembered that I was in the blue Pacific Ocean, boogie boarding through the water in the burning sun. I was holding onto my little sister who was way too scared to go boarding with me. Instead, I had to go by myself. When the sun was about to set, I wanted to go for another swim before I could head home. At the time, I didn’t know that the waves were so large. When I was in the middle of paddling into the dark sea, a massive wave came crashing down onto me. Before I could yelp, my whole life blacked out. The last precious sound I heard was the water foaming and bubbling.

As I tried to get the thought out of my head, I was thinking how stupid it was to go boarding in the night when nobody was around me. If only I could turn back time. Tears began to grow back into my eyes just as the day began to drizzle. I thought that my whole life was over and it felt like I lost my identity.

Seeing my best friend Jasmine walk through the door made me feel a lot happier even though I couldn’t hear her laughs and jokes. She made me forget about my disorder and didn’t care about it. She still acted like the same old Jasmine that I like. When I felt like I was about to cry, she always tried to cheer me up by telling me jokes or telling me about gossip on the notepad that I have been missing out on. Before I knew it, I got out of the hospital and everything went back to normal. Almost!

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