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Sitting By the Ocean

By Lauren Stiller, Age 12, North Carolina


Sitting by the ocean is like going to a faraway land without moving. Close your eyes. You can almost feel the saltiness in the breeze. It floats up your nostrils and swirls in the air, adding a tang to the scenery. Sparkling hills of water stretch out for miles, like a satin rug embedded with diamonds. The call of the gulls echoes across the open water. Sand shifts beneath your feet, cushioning every step. Slimy seaweed and beautifully shaped shells litter the shore, just out of reach of the waves. The shells are magnificently crafted by the tossing waves, battered and broken until it’s washed up on the beach. Long, sharp reeds poke out of the sand dunes, swaying gracefully in the wind. The white capped waves wash gently onto the shore with a soft swish. The setting sun casts a faint orange glow across the water, illuminating the sand. Pink clouds reflect off the surface of the ocean. Salty breezes fill your senses. The water reaches your toes and the water sends a sense of chilly warmth, spreading through your legs as the sun lowers itself. The final rays cast a shadow through the palm leaves. Sailboats settle into the old wood dock in the distance. The moon rises before long and the dark sky is illuminated by twinkling stars. The moon casts a silver glow on the water and the shining stars reflect off the surface. The gentle swish of the waves peacefully announces the nighttime. The crabs scuttle back to their holes and the crickets on the other side of the dunes chirp joyfully. The ocean is magical in many ways.

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  1. olivia yuan /

    I love that short story!