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Small Wonders

By Sehen Gamhewa, Comic Hub Co-Editor, and Contributing Writer


“Small things make perfection, but perfection is no small thing…”

The book thief was working hard into the night. Or rather, the redeemed book maker. The wind blew in through the gaps in the wood. Although Rudy claimed he was comfy up in his tree house, while writing, the truth couldn’t have been more different.

“Rudolph, down this instant!” Rudy heard a scream distinct from the storm blowing around outside.

“There is no Rudolph here!” he yelled, holding his coughs back, lest mum would realize he was half sick already, and give him the spanking of a lifetime.


Sighing, Rudy closed his book, put it into a plastic bag, capped his pen, and shimmied down the tree.  In fact, he was surprised that mum had been so light with the profanities, considering the words she screamed sometimes when she was mad.

Clinging to his mother, he walked back towards the house, under the shade of a sickly green umbrella that made little difference to the state Rudy would’ve been in if he’d walked home alone.

“Where’s dad?”

“Working, dear. Now come, let me make you some chocolate and send you to sleep.”

Rudy nearly gasped out loud. Chocolate? Mum never gave him chocolate, unless…

“Mum, where’s dad?”

No Answer.


Still nothing.

Then he noticed what he’d earlier thought was rain, sliding down from her eyes, going down and down, until it reached her shoes.

“Is he?” Rudy was half-afraid of the answer.

“Mum, is he dead?”

All of a sudden, a barrier broke open, and mum just scooped up Rudy like he was a baby, and hugged him to her chest.

Then he heard a whisper. “Yes…”

No, no, no…Dad was gone. But then, what was gonna happen to them. Mum couldn’t afford for both of them, she couldn’t afford the little things he liked, their little comforts…She couldn’t even afford the basic stuff, so…

“Mum, not the orphanage. Mum, Mum!” He started screaming like the baby he was at heart. But then, Mum just fell onto the ground and went limp. There was a muddy squelching sound as her body sunk into the dirt.


Rudy jumped off mum’s body and landed on the shore, just centimeters from the sand.

“Mum, mum, MUM!!” he screamed again. And then he felt tears rolling down his cheeks, and soon he was soaked. But then, he noticed, mum wasn’t sinking. Or she was, but very slowly. He could maybe help her. But how?

He looked around, and then he remembered his back pocket.

Excitedly, he took out his matchbox. Dad had always told him to take a matchbox with him. From the age of eight, he was forced to do it. But now, it would actually help him.

Making sure the matches didn’t get soaked, he struck one, and looked around. But then, disappointment rose in him as drops of water fell from his soaked clothes onto the box…and the match.

But, he had seen something. And that something could save mum’s life. A stick.

To be precise, the very stick he’d broken from a tree branch and thrown into the quicksand. Rudy realized the powers of simple, small actions at that moment. Like always keeping a matchbox handy, or throwing a stick for fun.

Ten minutes later, after some hard work, he’d managed to get the stick out, and he managed to hook it onto mum’s t-shirt. Minutes later, she was almost free when the stick snapped. And she plopped straight back in.

Holding back despair, he gave his last try. He took the larger broken piece, stepped halfway into the mire, and managed to drag mum almost all the way to the surface. Slowly, he got out, and then, he dragged, and dragged, and finally got mum free.

Then, she snored. All this time, she was sleeping? Rudy held back a snort.

Reaching into her back pocket, he took out her cellphone and smiled. Good thing he’d charged it this very morning to play Subway Surfers.

After dialing 911, a lot of explanations, and a good sleep, the next morning Rudy awoke in a new house.

Months later, Rudy found himself living a pleasant life. He and mum were now together, and they helped an old couple with housekeeping, meals, and so on. After school there was plenty of time to write, and soon he accomplished his dream – he published a book. It was good, but there was still a long way to go…Small wonders would help him get there.

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  1. Kornel /

    That was one of the best stories I have ever read. It was very simple, but I have a feeling that I will share it with my friends. Amazing Job!