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Snow Day

By Peyton Joffre, age 13, and Brandon Carrera, age 14, Texas


One day Peyton invited me to this football field to play catch. The problem was, it was 18 degrees. That’s a little too cold to be walking around in. The roads were frozen and the grass was covered in piles of deep, white, glistening snow. My legs fell into what felt like six inches of snow, stumbling after every step. I had to walk all the way over to the field by Peyton’s house, and the entire journey to his house was horrible. But nothing could stop me. I went as quickly as I could with the knowledge that Peyton was relying on me.

Ding-dong. Peyton came to answer the door when I finally arrived. I was dressed in a hoodie, jeans, and no gloves.

“What is this? A walk on the beach?” Peyton cried out.

“It’s not Antarctica here,” I replied.

“There’s no way you are going out like that. You aren’t dressed to go in the snow.” Peyton made me change into something warmer and a bit bulkier.

On the way to the field, I told Peyton about my adventurous journey to his house. He laughed and just explained how he stayed home and watched television.

We were about to get to the field when we saw two boys who used to be our friends: Dez and Nick. At first, we tried to stay away from Nick and Dez. I didn’t really have anything against them, but Peyton didn’t really like them. I kept Peyton away from them, and we tried to ignore them. Then they threw a ball, and hit Peyton right in the back of the head. It was extremely funny, but there was no way I was going to laugh right in Peyton’s face. So instead, I tried to hold him back, but that didn’t work.

Peyton went up to Nick and Dez, annoyed that they were at our field. They worked out a deal—2 on 2, first to 21. Whoever won got to keep the field, and may the best team win.

We got the ball first. Nick kicked the ball off, and it landed right into my hands. I stumbled for a few yards before I was tagged by Dez. Peyton was going to play quarterback; he snapped the ball and dropped back. I went out for a pass, and he threw the football to me. It was a little low coming in, but it hit my hands. I dropped the ball. He blamed it on my catching, but in reality Peyton just couldn’t throw very well.

We had the lead, and now all we needed to do was play good defense. I kicked the ball off to Nick, and surprisingly, he dropped the kick and fell on the ball. They were on our 40-yard line and they had 60 yards to go for the touchdown. Dez ran out to play quarterback. He snapped the ball and Peyton and I both dropped into coverage. Dez threw the ball and it flew far over all of our heads. The next two plays were two more incompletions.

It was 4th down, and they were going for it. Dez threw the ball up, and Peyton and I both immediately jumped up in the air and swatted it out of the air. Turnover on downs.

Now, we had the ball on their 40-yard line. This timeout, we had a change of positions. Peyton’s hands were freezing to death and turning a light blue. Now I was going to be QB, and Peyton was going to be my receiver. On first down, we faced a pretty big problem: neither of us were used to our new positions. But surprisingly, we made it work. I had Peyton do a corner route and take Nick to the sidelines, and that’s when I had the one-on-one with Dez. If anyone had been watching, they would’ve thought that he was on skates as I made him fall and slide straight across the ground. I ran the ball 40 yards for a touchdown.

“It’s snow Dez, NOT ICE!” I screamed, adrenaline pumping.

We were up by 14, and we couldn’t let them back in this game. Nick and Dez got in a huddle. I could see the smirk on Nick’s face as he came to the line. I knew they were planning something fishy.

Dez snapped the ball. He threw Nick a screen pass behind the line. Peyton and I chased after Nick. That’s when I saw Nick drop back to throw. I looked back, and Dez was wide open. I told Peyton to watch, but they easily scored a touchdown.

I couldn’t help but be a little annoyed that we’d given up a touchdown, but things happen and you just have to keep on pushing through the game. On first down, Peyton did a slant route, learning his lesson from Dev’s move. Now it was 2nd & 3. I threw a low ball to Peyton, which was uncatchable. 3rd down is where the pressure will get to a QB. The ball was released out of my hand, leaving me to watch as Dez got a near interception. I grabbed Peyton into a huddle, and we argued with each other about who was to blame. We needed a big play and we needed it now.

We got up to the line. I snapped the ball. Peyton did a fade route, trying to go on the outside. I saw a small opening to run through. I started to make my way over to the gap. Nick and Dez immediately started running toward me to close the open room. That’s when I saw Peyton wide open. I chucked the ball to him in a perfect spiral. I watched the ball fly, and I saw both Peyton and Nick both looking at the ball.  They both jumped for the ball in the end zone. It soared right in the middle of both of their hands, in mid air—and Peyton yanked it right out of Nick’s reach. We scored!

“I guess we’ll see you guys later!” Peyton shouted, laughing. “You guys played a great game.”

After they left, Peyton and I went to sit down on the field. It was a great game for us since we won, but I couldn’t say the same for them. Both Dez and Nick were desperately searching for a reason why they lost, blaming every mistake on each other. As Peyton and I celebrated our win, I couldn’t help but feel a little sorry for beating Dez and Nick. That’s just how football is, though; one little mistake can equal a loss. But in the end, as long as you try your best, everyone’s a winner.


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    Nice work boys. So proud of your accomplishment.

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