Amazing Kids! Magazine

Soccer Life

By Leonardo Moreno, age 12, California


Thud, thud. Bryant kicked the ball as he was walking down his stairs. Bryant liked to match with his shoes, so he wore a white shirt and white pants. Bryant really didn’t have a personality; his favorite colors were black and white. All he did was play soccer. He didn’t think of anything—only soccer. He sometimes got in trouble, but he loved to play soccer. When Bryant would go out to play soccer, he would wear shorts, bright green shoes, and a Barcelona because that was his favorite team. He would practice for hours, waiting until he would play in a soccer team. Bryant was not like other kids; people thought he was strange because all he would do or think about was soccer. So, one day when his parents told him he was going to play on a soccer team, he was happy.

“Bryant, come down here. I found you a soccer team. Change into your soccer gear, and hurry up; you don’t want to be late.”

“I’ll be down in a minute.”

When he got to the place where the team would be practicing each Monday and Wednesday, he tried to make friends in the team, but his teammates would kick him every practice. Bryant was skinny and short. He would get bruises and sprained ankles. He left the team and joined a new team called the Incredibles. He made friends within that team. He would express himself more, and he was happy on that team.

“Bryant, show the coach you have what it takes to play with his team.”

“I’ll do my best, Mom.”

“I’ll come to pick you up at 6:00. Bye, Bryant.”

“Bye, Mom.”

Two months passed, and he became greedy. Bryant liked to pick fights, and he would yell at his coach and his teammates. He would not pass the ball in the soccer field, especially when there were girls watching the game. One day in the finals state cup, he would push and not pass the ball, but he didn’t notice that the defender slid, going straight at Bryant and breaking his entire knee. The doctors said that Bryant couldn’t play soccer anymore due to the fact that he might not walk because of the injury. Every day he practiced to walk even though his pain was too much for Bryant.

“Bryant, are you sure you want to keep going and practicing more?”

“Yes, Mom.”

Bryant couldn’t do much when he tried to walk because his knee would never be like it was. Bryant tried every day, and his parents told him not to give up on his dream of soccer. Although his family members weren’t getting enough money, they continued to try, and Bryant kept getting closer to his dream. He told his parents he would do whatever it would take to play soccer again. For months since he had broken his knee, he tried for hours and hours. During that time he spent trying to walk, he learned something: He wanted to say sorry to the people he had hurt.

“Bryant, come and eat.”

“Okay, Mom.”

Bryant was giving everything he had to lose just to play soccer. Once Bryant could walk again, he was trying to run and jog. One month after he could walk, he could sprint even faster than before. Bryant joined the Incredibles once again. Bryant was invited to the team “EarthQuakes” at age 17. Bryant was later invited to Barcelona at age 18. His parents and the doctor who doubted Bryant for being a famous soccer player were shocked to find out Bryant was playing with professionals. Bryant remembered when his second team cheered him on when he was trying to walk again. Bryant spent five years trying to walk, and all that time, he became humble and thanked God for letting him walk again. Bryant had a successful career, and he thanked his whole family for encouraging him while trying to walk again.