Amazing Kids! Magazine

Stephanie Saves the Day

By Krimika Keemtee, age 17, California


I look back at my clothes being washed in circles over and over, my head was getting dizzy just by looking at that. I sat in the laundromat for so long I didn’t even realize what time it was, I just didn’t feel like going home. Beep! Beep! “Looks like the laundry is done”.

I go towards the dryer, open it and BAM! A creature pops out, I screamed and the creature and both of us panic. People stare at me as if all of my clothes burned up. To my surprise, no one even came to help.

“Who are you? And how do you see me?,” the creature said with his blue wide eyes. His voice was very heavy his height was about 4.5 feet which did not go together.

“Um, I don’t know!” I said, he inspected me like sherlock holmes and I wack him hard with my purse and ran for my life! By the time I got to my car, the creature was already in it and at the driver’s seat, now I really wanted to wake up from this dream.

“Get in the car!” he yelled.

I had no control over my body it was just moving on its own. Before I knew it we were flying in the air and the creature would move the car up and down dodging the birds or planes. Suddenly we were falling head-on in a plain field I was screaming on the top of my lungs; I always hated roller coasters. As soon as we were about to hit the ground I closed my eyes, waited and thought “Am I dead yet?”. I opened my eyes and I saw a whole city of interesting creatures, some were doing magic, fighting with swords while on a somewhat looking horse.

It was mesmerizing and majestic, yet scary I didn’t understand all this. We got out of the car and many of the creatures started whispering to each other, I started fiddling with my hands in fright. We reached the castle and went in a room full of other types of creatures, everyone suddenly stopped talking.

“Everyone! This a human and her name is…” the creature said, “what is your name?”

“My name is Stephanie Trihn,” I said in a shaky voice as I fix my glasses.

“Not a single human has walked in this place, I don’t understand,” said the creature.

“Our leader is missing and we don’t know what to do-” said another creature who was sitting at the large table with the others.

All of a sudden my eyes go straight towards the window where I see the most beautiful horse ever it was pure white like a pearl.

“That’s a unicorn! My whole room is filled with them. Did you know that in old times Jewish people considered them to have immense strength? That unicorn’s name is Sophia, right? She is saying that she likes me” I had no idea what I said.

Everyone looked shocked, “ Unicorns can’t talk! What is this girl saying?!”

“This girl will be the savior of this city,” said a very old creature with a long white beard.

“W-What? Me?!” I said, “The only thing I exceed in is math.” Some moments later they sent me out. I stand outside thinking of logical plan to escape I played many scenarios in my head until one creature called me into the room.

They all declared that I shall go on a journey to save the city and the king. Everyone dispersed, I headed out wondering why they would choose me to fight their battle. I tried to find that unicorn wishing I could ride it. Three hours passed and we were on our way to fight the enemy, we finally reach the border I felt like I had done this before and I was swinging and stabbing the black mini dragons like it was nothing! Suddenly the enemy pours a million liters of water from nowhere, that was the last thing I wanted, dying from the water. I panicked like crazy, slowly running out of air I closed my eyes and thought “I guess this is how I’ll die”, again I see the unicorn, racing at me and the next thing I know I’m on its back. Suddenly immense power surges within me, the whole sky turned white, I raced toward the dragon and it was so fast no one saw when I stabbed him in the heart and came back with the King. We celebrated at the feast and the arrival of the King was no one other than my dad.