Amazing Kids! Magazine


By Shailey Bellamkonda


Chapter One: Amy

(Radio on.)

“Amy! Switch off that radio, and finish your homework!” said Amy’s mother, Hannah.

(No answer.)

“Amy! What are you doing? Wake up!” said Hannah after she had entered Amy’s room.

“Mom, if you do not have work, then give me snacks. But don’t…disturb…me! It’s the weekend!” said Amy with a mean face.

“Argh!” yelled mother and went out of the room.

Next morning, Amy, with a droopy face, went to school cursing everyone possible for having to go to school.

Even in school, Amy had a reputation of sorts for all the wrong reasons.

She slept in class and did not finish her work. The class teacher while walking into the classroom overheard Amy whispering into her next one’s ears, “Ah, now enters Ms. Fatty” with a crooked smile.

In playtime Amy had to go out and play, but she tried to find an excuse saying that she was tired when someone caught her walking away.

She comes home with leftovers in her lunchbox with some or other complaint almost every day, and that day was also no different.

That day she got hurt during a tussle with a boy in her class. While putting on a bandage, Hannah tried to tell her not to get into fights in school, and Amy walked out on her, shouting, “Now don’t be a priest, Mom! Enough of your stupid preaching!”

“God, please help her. Help me change my daughter,” prayed a concerned Hannah.

Hannah never believed in raising her voice or raising her arm on Amy, or on anyone for that matter. She believed and wished that her love and patience would one day change Amy.

Chapter Two: Amy’s Neighbor

A new family had moved into Amy’s apartment.

They were very friendly people. They wanted to acquaint with all the residents, so their little girl, Mary, was sent all around the neighborhood to find friends. Soon, Mary came to Amy’s flat.

It didn’t take much time for Mary to understand Amy. However, she was not put off by Amy’s behavior. She knew that she needed to help Amy to change.

She told Amy an idea that her teacher had once told the class in her previous school. “Blow a balloon whenever you’re angry or upset about something or someone.”

At first Amy did not listen to Mary, but Hannah tried her best to tell her that it’s fun and brought her a pack of balloons.

That day, Amy wanted to play “Guessing Junior” with her mother, but Hannah wanted to finish her chores in the kitchen first. Amy got angry. She remembered what Mary told her and thought she’ll give it a try. She picked up a balloon and started blowing and went on and on, without stopping, venting her anger over her mother into the balloon. Shortly, the balloon couldn’t hold anymore and burst with a big sound. Hannah rushed to the hall. Amy could not help but laugh out loud.

That controlled and eased her bad temper. Amy liked this, and she thanked Mary for the idea. Soon both Amy and Mary became friends. Since Mary was elder to Amy by a year, she started giving her tuitions, helped her do several activities, and sang out the lessons. She even taught art to Amy. She conducted races and detective games with other children in the apartment. She spoke nicely and encouraged her in everything.

One day, while playing “Knock, Knock,” Mary got hurt, and Amy felt sad for her. She rushed to her home, brought a lotion, and applied on Mary’s knee. Despite her pain, Mary felt pleased with the change in Amy and smiled at her fondly.

Chapter Three: Amy’s Change

Amy is a changed person now. It’s a different Amy that her classmates, her teachers, and even her mother are seeing now.

Amy is polite to her mother. She helped her in chores and ate happily. She apologized for being bad before.

She was alert in school and up in her grades at school. Amy even delivered a speech in the school assembly about donating toys for the toddlers. She actively participated in games; especially she loved being the detective as she liked to chase and catch thieves.

She apologized to Ms. Katie for her rude comment, and the teacher was very happy.

Chapter Four: Farewell

Amy and Mary became best friends. Mary even came in Amy’s dream and said that she would not ever leave her and so shouldn’t Amy.

During a long weekend, Amy’s friends from the neighborhood went for a trip, but Amy couldn’t because she had a fever. Mary wanted to stay back, but her mother insisted that she shouldn’t miss the trip. She joined the others for the trip. Amy felt bad for once but let Mary go and wished her a pleasant trip. Mary promised her a quick return.

Mary did not return with the others. Amy cried and cried, couldn’t recover from the loss for long.

She became the old Amy again: a rude, harsh, and troubled child.

Chapter Five: Reunion

Amy sat near her study desk in her room. She was thinking about Mary. She suddenly felt hot, so she opened the window, and a gust of wind came in. She looked at the diary on her table; the pages went turning because of the air. She felt very angry and slammed the window shut.

She looked at her diary. It was open at a page with only a small paragraph in glitter ink: “Yesterday I had a dream. Mary was telling me that she never left me, nor will she. I suddenly woke up and told myself that I shall neither. I realized that Mary is still there alive with me in all the things she taught me, gave me. That means that I must do whatever she told me to do, be the person she helped me to be.”

Tears came to Amy’s eyes, and she said, “I will, Mary!”

Amy grew up, studied well, took up challenging jobs, and became successful, but she did not forget Mary. She often went to churches so that if she could not meet Mary, she could meet Mother Mary.

Mary also never forgot about Amy, sending her blessings and remaining proud guardian angel for Amy.