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Super Mouse

By Akshaj Mehta, age 9, CA



I started to write the story as a class assignment and then got inspired and motivated to write more by my mom, dad and my friend Jonathan Webber.

My book is about the Super Mouse and how he saves the Mouse City from the Cheese Monster with help of Cheese Chief. It has a motto “Be brave, no matter what!”

I hope you all enjoy reading my book as much as I enjoyed and loved writing it!

Life in Mouse City

Once upon a time in Mouse City, there lived a mouse. He was not an ordinary mouse, he was a SUPER MOUSE!

He was a brave and kind mouse. People of Mouse City loved him so much that they also made a building named after Super Mouse. His message to the world was “Be Brave no matter what!”

But, he had left the city a long time back as he had lost a battle with Cheese Monster!

It’s been a century now since Super Mouse had disappeared.

The time passed and the Cheese Chief has been working on finding out how mousequakes happen in the city, but he has had no luck so far. Out of the blue, a mousequake happened!

“Super Mouse, please come and save us,” called the Cheese Chief. This time, Super Mouse listened to him and came back to the rescue. Using his super power, the Super Mouse stopped the mousequake.

Every mouse cheered “Hurray!”

Suddenly, they all heard a noise. THUMP, THUMP.  It was getting louder and louder.

IT WAS THE CHEESE MONSTER: even bigger and stronger than before, and he also had molten cheese balls!

Super Mouse and Cheese Chief were in trouble.  They both were thinking deeply as to how to get rid of Cheese Monster.

Suddenly, Super Mouse had an idea.

“I think I know his weakness. I need to go get a large, mouse robot as big as the Cheese Monster,” said Super Mouse.

Super Mouse planned to attack the Cheese Monster by the zapper inside the large, mouse robot. Using his super speed power he got the mouse robot from his hiding place and returned to face the Cheese Monster.

But before he could do anything, the Super Mouse got hit by a molten cheese ball fired by the Cheese Monster.

“Ugh” shouted Super Mouse as he was lying helpless on the ground.

He tried hard to get his strength back and he succeeded. Pulling himself up in his Super Mouse robot, he started to run in circles around Cheese Monster as fast as he could.

Seeing that Cheese Monster got dizzy and fell on the ground, wasting no time Super Mouse picked him up and threw him far, far away using his robot’s power.

“Hooray!” shouted all the happy mice!

“I think, he’ll be back and we should be ready for him,” Cheese Chief said.

The time was passed by with peace and happiness in Mouse City!