Amazing Kids! Magazine

Survival Mission

By Davi Jacobs, Contributing Writer


“Ladies and gentleman, we are experiencing some turbulence, so can you please fasten your seat belts right away? Thank you,” the captain said over the intercom.

After I put my belt on, I looked out my window to find the wing bouncing around hard in the wind. I realized one of the engines was in trouble as smoke was rushing out of it.

I think we are going down, I said to myself.

The intercom turned on. “This is your captain speaking. We’ll have to make an emergency landing right away.”

I knew we were going down as it felt like my stomach was rising to my head.

The plane started rattling, and I could hear people crying behind me. The noise was so loud that it sounded like a rumbling earthquake. The oxygen masks fell from the roof. I grabbed my mask and put it over my head as I could feel the pressure building up. I turned to look beside me to find an old man struggling to get his mask on. I reached out and helped to put the strap over his head.

The air hostess ladies were running around trying to help people with their oxygen masks and calming them down. I was just sitting there, staring at the floor and hoping it was a dream even though I knew it wasn’t. As I looked up, I saw the old man looking at a photo of himself and his wife as a tear ran down his face. The plane dropped for a second. I felt sick.

We were sitting there wondering what was about to happen.

I could see the ground out the window rushing towards us. It was scary sitting there hoping the pilot knew what he was doing. We all did.

I had never been so scared in all my life, thinking I was going to die.

It all happened so quickly. The hard impact threw me forward into the seat in front of me. The front of the plane was being stripped away from the body as we bounced across the rocky earth. Finally, the plane came to a stop, and there was almost complete silence. The crying, screaming, and rumbling of the plane had come to an end.

As I stepped out of the plane, it became like a survival mission to me. Either live or die, and I wasn’t about to die in a hurry. I was one of the lucky ones, unlike the old man that I tried to help beside me who was lost in the wreck. I came out with only a couple of cuts and grazes; some of the others have to survive with far worse injures. My thoughts at the moment are…Where are we, and are we ever going to get out of here?