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The Adventure in the Jungle

By Benjamin Telanoff, Santa Monica, CA, grade 3


I had no idea why they were standing there. I was in the jungle with my friends Lucas and George. We had travelled to the jungle with our families. Lucas, George and I decided to explore by ourselves.

“Be careful!” our parents said.

Lucas and George were in front of me as we walked through the jungle. We were exploring and looking at the animals. We saw lizards, birds, and lots and lots of bugs. Lucas and George were a little in front of me and something caught their eye and made them stop.

I caught up to them and I asked them, “Why are you guys stopping?”

They both said, at the same time, “It’s… it’s… a tiger!”

George screamed, then ran to the right. Lucas and I ran to the left. The tiger chased George.

Lucas and I ran through the jungle and finally managed to find a safe place. We hid behind a bunch of bushes, and decided to take a break. Then we looked around. I did not see the tiger, but George was missing.

I said, “Lucas, George is not here.”

Lucas replied “Let’s look for him.”

“Ok!” I responded. Then we went into the jungle to look for him.

Meanwhile, George got away from the tiger by swimming across a river. Then he stopped under a big tree, looked around, and wondered where Lucas and I were.

“I wonder if they are okay? I need to find them,” he murmured to himself. He went off into the jungle. He did not find us, but found wildflowers and a pair of parrots.

Lucas and I walked in the jungle. We found a lot of monkeys in the trees swinging from branch to branch and eating bananas. A monkey dropped a banana. I picked it up and ate it. It was delicious!  We stared at the monkeys.

They yelled “Hoo Hoo, Ha Ha, Hoo Hoo, Ha Ha…”

We left the monkeys because we still needed to find George.

Meanwhile, George saw the tiger again. The tiger saw him and started to chase him. Luckily, George ran very fast and he got away from the tiger.

Then, suddenly, he saw a troop of gorillas. At the same time, Lucas and I found the gorillas also. We were on the other side of the gorillas from George. Between us was a giant gorilla. He beat his chest, stomped his feet, and roared. Then we all got scared and we ran away.

Now, we were all separated and running, trying to get out of the jungle. As I was running, I saw a tiger in front of me. I turned around and snuck away. The same thing happened to Lucas and George. We all met in the center of the jungle. We realized there were three tigers in the jungle with us.

George and Lucas looked at me and asked, “How are we going to get away from these tigers, Benjamin?”

I thought about it. I whispered so that the tigers would not hear me. “We need to sneak away from where the tigers are.” I thought some more. “We need to distract the tigers somehow. What can we do?”

Then I came up with a plan.  I thought, if we can get the tigers to chase us to where the gorillas are, maybe we can get away when the tigers are distracted by the gorillas! I told this plan to Lucas and George.

We started to make noise. The tigers heard us and started to chase us. We ran as fast as we could to where the gorillas were. When we got there, we beat out chests, stomped our feet, and roared as loud as we could. The tigers ran after us.

We had surprised the gorillas and ran right through them before they realized what was happening! Now, the gorillas were between us and the tigers. The tigers roared at the gorillas. The big gorilla roared at the tigers. While this was happening we snuck away, as quiet as three mice.

I do not know what happened, but we never saw the tigers again. However, we did find our way out of the jungle. After we were out of the jungle, we found our parents and ran to them.

We then all went home. After I was safe at home, I told my parents all about this jungle adventure. They were very happy that my friends and I made it back safely, but they told me that I should be more careful around wild animals. I wrote this story to let other kids know that the jungle is a dangerous place, but also a place where you can have a great adventure!


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    Really nice.. I helped my brother to maje his project work.

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    This is a very good story .I liked it very much