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The Adventures of Mr. Bubbles

By Meghan Parker, age 11, Pennsylvania


“MOMMY!!! I want my Barbie back!” Oh, sorry about that, I’m Mr. Bubbles, and that was little Kate Shlowps.   Hello, and welcome to my point of view! If you are wondering what type of parent would name their kid Mr. Bubbles, well, I’m a fish. My owner is seven-year-old Kate Shlowps. I think that I am the richest fish in the whole world because, I live in a mansion of a fish bowl. I have a car, a bedroom, a kitchen, and a family room. Did I mention that the car drives on tracks under water? Well anyways, one day Kate was going to Hawaii for Christmas break, and she really wanted to take me along. Now Mrs. Shlowps always gave in to little Kate, and just couldn’t say no when that big-eyed-monster asked. So, now I’m floating here wondering what I should do.  I know that I could talk to them, but that’s against the rules on the Declaration of Fishypendence. That thing really gets on my nerves sometimes. Anyfish, I think it would be cool to go to Hawaii for Christmas and all, but I’m not so sure about the plane ride there. What if the plane crashes? What if there are other pets on the plane and they want to eat me?? Oh my, oh my, so many what ifs!!! You know what? I’m not going to let it bother me until it comes.

Let me tell you more about my family. There is Mr. Shlowps, Mrs. Shlowps, and Kate. They spoil Kate SOOO much! But, then again, she spoils me too, oh well!  I swear over my tiny fishy heart, that every year she turns older; she not only gets brattier. Now that I told you about my family let me tell you about what is happening right now. My fish bowl is in the family room on a table, and it looks like everyone is in a hurry.  They are wheeling around big black boxes, and Katie has a pink one. Oh look, Mrs. Shlowps is coming over; she’s picking my bowl up, OH NO!!! WE’RE GOING TO THE AIRPORT!!! Oh, no! I decided that I don’t want to go!!! Hey, maybe I can sit on Kate’s lap the whole time, I wouldn’t mind that. Yeah… that would be quite fun!!! Here we go, into the black Suburban, this time I am sitting in the front seat on Mrs. Shlowps’s lap. Ohhhh, her legs are warm. And I could feel the car going up and down, up and down, and then I was asleep… “BEEP BEEEEEP!!!” What was that? Oh, look we’re at the airport. My gills are going one hundred miles per hour. I am so nervous! Oh look, Mr. Shlowps is in a fight with a big, blue guy with a doughnut in one hand, and coffee in the other. Gee, I wonder who he is; he also has some big shiny badge on his chest, and a pad of paper and a pen in his pocket. There is a big round portal type thing behind him that people are walking through. It’s green for most people, but… OH LOOK!!! It turned red! Another guy that looks like the one Mr. Shlowps is talking to is going over and yelling at him. Now he is patting him up and down his body.  Nothing else really interesting is happening now, so I’m just going to float around until take off.

The plane is really loud during takeoff. I get to sit on Kate’s lap during the ride, and she is sticking her finger in my bowl, and she is moving it around and I am following it! It is my favorite game of all times!!! I know that the plane ride is long but, it went by really fast playing that game with Kate the whole time. Finally, we landed and after we got the boxes, from a carousel, we got in a yellow car called a cab, and drove to a place called Rent-A-Car. We got a silver Jeep that was so tall. It was even taller than Mr. Shlowpse!!! And let me tell you, that guy is like 12 feet tall! The drive to the big building, called a hotel wasn’t really long. Our room was huge, it had a king sized bed, a queen sized bed, two plasma screen televisions, a kitchen, a sitting room, and a balcony. They sat me on the counter right next to the bay window that looked out over the pool. They got their swim suits on and left me in the room. A couple minutes later, a lady came in and saw me sitting there. She took a note pad and wrote something on it. She stuck it on my fish bowl and left. A half an hour later I heard screaming down the hall. It sounded a lot like Kate… They burst into the room screaming at Kate. Mr. Shlowps was holding Kate by her ear. She was screaming, “NO DON’T FLUSH HIM!!!” Mrs. Shlowps came over and picked up my bowl. She carried it into the bathroom. Mr. Shlowps was pinning Kate down. She overturned my bowl and dumped into the toilet! What type of cruel human being would do that to a living fish? She put her hand on the handle, closed her eyes, and PUSHED IT DOWN!!! I went twirling down into the drain just in time to see Kate for one last time. Her big blue eyes were all puffy from crying. She held her favorite Barbie doll close to her chest and started sobbing again as she got her last glimpse of me.

You never want to go down a toilet drain. It wasn’t pretty, but I was on my way to freedom!!! As soon as I got dumped into the sewer, I just asked all the rats the way to the ocean, it took a while, but I finally made it. The sea was beautiful. It had green grass growing from the white sand. The sun was shining above making the water a beautiful shade of blue. I swam around looking at the different fish, and all the different colors of coral. The view was breath taking. I swam around all day and night until I found the perfect sea anemone. I nestled in and took a long rest. I was now stress free, you know why? Well I was worry free, there was no screaming, and… now that I think about it, I do kind of miss Kate.


  1. Omg!!!!!!!!! I looooooooove this stooooooooory!

  2. Jennifer Parker /

    Awesome Story Meghan!!!!