Amazing Kids! Magazine

The Alien and the Farmer

By Sehen Gamhewa, Age 9, Kuwait


One dark night, the sky was as black as coal, even the stars couldn’t be seen. Out of a small white hole which appeared in the sky immediately, there came a meteor. It crashed into the ground throwing out an obstacle right into farmer Marple’s market tent.

The next morning, farmer Marple came into the tent he owned and what a surprise, all his vegetables that he had not wanted and some fruits were gone, “ahh, where are my vegetables and fruits?” he exclaimed. He searched them high and low and didn’t find them anywhere. He grumbled and brought another sack of foodstuff in that and he started barking for customers to come and buy from him, and again he fell asleep and alas! His foodstuff was gone again by the time he woke up again, he became angry and brought another and his last bag of foodstuff. This time he managed to stay awake and pretended he was asleep and here came the culprit, it was no other than the alien.

“Ha, you thought you could take it away again? The answer is no,” said farmer Marple.

“I want food, nobody gives me food.” said the alien.

Farmer Marple said “Listen up, I’ll tell you, to get food you must work hard as I do, I work hard as I get up in the morning and work from day till night, scattering seeds and collecting grains and more.”

The alien said “What am I supposed to do? I don’t know anything.”

“Okay, you are supposed to work for me by growing crops and selling them for me. Work hard then I’ll give you food, okay?”Asked farmer Marple.

“Okay.” said the alien.

After that, the alien worked super hard and he made the farmer a billionaire! The alien also had his share too, food was there at anytime he wanted. Life was good for the farmer and the alien.

One day, the farmer went back to snooze and he woke up soon. “Oh no! It was just a dream, alas! I also lost my servant, but no problem, I can do it myself.” Farmer Marple said “Oh, how wonderful would it be if that dream was true, I would be rich and I would have a partner. How good would life be then,” he said and he sighed.