Amazing Kids! Magazine

The Aquamarine

By Carly Bates, age 12, Washington

“Come on Bailey! Just jump in,” Emily said. “Don’t be such a chicken and jump!”

“I don’t want to jump off the dock! I am freezing cold as it is and anyway it’s way too deep,”

Bailey said. She looked down into the depths of the deep blue sea. She could see little fish swimming about minding their business.

“Bailey, it’s 102 degrees outside! How can you be cold?”

“What about sharks?”

“We live in Florida! This is the home to some of the clearest waters in the nation!”

“No, I won’t jump.”

“Fine, but if I don’t come up in about five minutes go and get help.” Emily said with a little laugh.

“Shut up! Gosh! Just do it already!” Before Bailey knew it, Emily dove into the water with a huge splash.

As Emily dove deeper and deeper, the warm water swallowed her up. She could see coral reefs and schools of fish dodging every stroke she took. Something caught Emily’s eye on the sea floor, it was glowing.

Emily swam, getting closer to the object. With every stroke, she saw the object more clearly. When she was within arm’s reached of it, she grasped it. It was as light as a feather, and as smooth as silk. Emily was nearly inches from breaking surface when suddenly something pulled her down, down. It felt like she was being sucked into a black hole; the water getting darker all around her till she could not even see her own hand in front of her face. Emily kicked and jostled against the creature, or thing, or whatever it was but the creature was relentless, pulling, and yanking Emily back and forth so vigorously. Emily needed air, forget about the sun, and her friends, she needed air. The creature stopped abruptly, it placed something on Emily’s mouth, and she was capable of breathing underwater. She couldn’t believe it. It was as if the creature had read her mind. What is it? What is that thing?

Before Emily knew it she was sitting in a chair, underwater? Nothing seemed to quite make sense to Emily right now. It felt as if her mind was juggling a whole circus. Pain shot through Emily’s arm and then she blacked out.

“Hello, my name is King Waters and this is my wife, the queen, Coral,” said a deep, booming voice. Emily opened her eyes ever so slightly, not knowing what to expect, she had noticed that the king and queen were so elegantly dressed. The queen’s dress was beautiful, probably made up of the finest silk, a bow hung from her hip and a tail dragged about three feet behind her where she noticed two incredibly short women holding it up.

“And your name is?” asked the voice again. Emily assumed that it was the king.

“Emily Wood.”

“Yes, well then Emily, we are pleased to meet you. We don’t mean any harm; it’s just that you have something that happens to belong to us – the Aquamarine.”


“The Aquamarine, the stone that you found, we have been looking for it for ages. We are so deeply grateful that you had found it.”

“Oh!” said Emily suddenly remembering the stone which she held in her pocket. As she held out the stone the lights suddenly went out and she felt herself being pulled, but this time not so harshly. Emily had tried to scream but no sound came out.

“What are you doing?” she finally asked.

“Shhh! Don’t say a word!” The voice came from a boy, probable about thirteen. Finally, after what had seemed like twenty minutes of swimming through darkness, the boy finally stopped.

“Tell me what you want with me. That was rude, pulling me away from the king and queen like that!”

“No, that wasn’t the king and queen, they were impostors. The real king and queen are my parents, and they are being held captive in a cave in the dungeon of the castle. Luckily I was able to escape before they could capture me, but my parents are so heavily guarded that I can’t get to them.”

“I am so sorry, but tell me what are you and what did those people, or whatever they are, want with the stone?”

“First, I am a merman, and my name is Sheldon. Second, you have no idea how much power that stone holds, the Aquamarine. Whoever has that stone is the ruler of the sea.”

“So right now I am the ruler of the sea?”

“No, not quite. You see, if someone tries to take over the kingdom they have to find the stone within thirty days. If they don’t, then they will turn to dust and be forced to let the real King and Queen go. It has been twenty-nine days; at the stroke of midnight, if they don’t have the stone they will turn to dust. We can’t let them take over the kingdom; they will unleash all of the monsters of the sea and will eventually take over the whole world. We can’t let this happen. The only way I can think of to protect the stone is for you to take it back to land with you. But that will be a challenge. She has spies and guards all over the sea.”

“Let’s do it!”

Emily followed the path out of the cave which Sheldon had showed her. It was narrow and wound in every which way. Emily felt as though she was going through a maze. Her hands touched the walls as she swam by. They were very cold. Emily saw a slight opening where the cave forked out in three different directions. She had been told that the opening to the right held an octopus, the middle held a shark, and the left held a sea goblin. Sheldon had known of course she would pick the sea goblin because all of the others seemed intimidating. But the goblin could easily take down both the shark and the octopus. Each of them had a weakness: the octopus will be a coward if intimidated, the shark will become paralyzed if touched by human saliva, and the goblin will let you pass if you can impress him. The goblin has seen much, so not a lot would impress him, but if you have something that does he gets to keep it. Since Emily didn’t bring anything with her, except the stone, she knew that she couldn’t give it away. The shark really is pointless. That’s when she decided to go with the octopus.

Emily swam fast. The water around her started getting murky, she saw a dark shadow of what Emily assumed was the octopus. It started moving towards her. She knew what she had to do.


The octopus stopped abruptly. It made some weird sound that Emily could not comprehend. Emily’s voice started fading a bit. The creature must have sensed her because it was coming towards her at a great pace, moving its long stringy tentacles. It was about four yards away.

“Stay right there,” Emily said in a very threatening voice. “Do not move! I am going to get out of this cave whether you’re dead or not. Do not make me mad it is not pretty. You may be bigger, but I am smarter and quicker. You have no chance! Back down now!” Emily was sure that the octopus would back down now but it showed no sign of being scared. Please don’t be wrong Sheldon! “You listen to me, you need to let me go by. You do not scare me and I know that scare you! Do not pretend, let your feelings out.” Emily moved towards the sea animal. As she did, the octopus backed away. “That’s right, move!” The animal backed farther and farther away until it had disappeared. Emily was relieved. She swam and swan until she could see the light on the top of the water. Emily was almost ten feet away from the surface when something pulled her again. She yanked and pulled, screamed and yelled. Hoping Bailey would hear her if she was still there. “HELP!” she screamed. The next thing she knew someone had dove into the water and was trying to pull her up. She knew it was Bailey. They both kicked and soon the creature let go.

“Thank you Bailey!” said Emily gasping for air.

“What was that?” asked Bailey,

“I don’t know. I thought you left.”

“Why would I leave? You were only in the water for at most a minute!”

“What? I was in there for hours!”

“Are you okay? Maybe I should take you home?”

Emily reached in her pocket and held the stone. “No, I am fine, and they will be too,” said Emily looking down into the water.