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The Bad and Best Summer Ever

By Ignacio Mendoza, Age 12, California


On the first day of summer, I had awoken with a euphoric sense of freedom when I shouted out “SUMMERTIME!”  I was so excited. As I looked out the window and saw the bright shining sun gleaming in my eyes, I had the feeling to go outside. Wearing a tank top with jean shorts and flip flops I skipped down the stairs when my mother stopped me in my tracks. She looked groggy, like she slept on a bed full of jagged rocks.

“Where are you going?” she asked.

“Outside. Why?”

“You’re not going to eat breakfast?”

Behind my mom I saw two perfectly round pancakes topped with honey, butter, and strawberries, with three strips of crispy bacon.  As the aroma hit my face, my mouth said “EAT FOOD!” but I really wanted to go outside.

“Go outside and I’ll keep it warm for you until you come back,” she grumbled as she reached for her black cup of coffee.

“Great, I’ll see you later!” Outside, I had seen my friend Natherine putting luggage in his car. I ran across the street to his house to talk.

“Hey!” I said.


“What are you doing?”

“I’m getting ready to go fly to Paris for the whole summer.”

“Really?  Why?”

“Family visit.”

Just then his father walked out of his house. He and his family were frantically looking for various items.

“Do we have all of the luggage? Who has money to pay for the tolls?  Who has the passports?”

As they boarded their white snowy colored jeep, I ran back across the street to my home where I saw them zoom away into the distance until they disappeared. When they were out of sight I thought about my friend Kyle only three houses away.

I ran to his home thinking what we can do. When I got to his home a piece of paper was stuck onto his door. It said, “Dear residents, we have gone out to Mexico and will not be arriving until August 10th. Thank you.”

After reading the paper I walked back home and whispered to myself, “It’s ok Ignacio. You can make it through the summer without your friends.”

When I finally arrived back home, my mom met me at the door.

“There you are! I thought we’d never get to your cousin’s house,” she said.


“They’re sick with the chicken pox.”

“Oh. Ok.”

Then I thought about going for a ride on my mountain bike. As I walked to the backyard, I noticed that both of its tires were flat like a balloon with no air.

I immediately thought of something sarcastic.

“Oh, what a fantastic first day of summer this is! I hope it doesn’t get any better than this.”

But I spoke too soon.

Throughout June and July my summer got worse from being embarrassed at Target when I kept breaking things, accidently falling into a pool with my cell phone, vomiting at the 4th  of July Fair, and getting in trouble with my mom for not doing anything right even when I tried my best.

Finally I decided to stay home for the whole summer and not be a threat to the world.

When the first day of school was coming I was excited.

“By tomorrow I no longer have ‘bad luck summer karma’.”

Then my mom came in all rushed and dressed like if she were at a fancy party. She brought me new clothes from the mall.

“Put these on, now,” she said.  She tossed the clothes to me.

I ran to my room and put on the new dark blue jeans, the new white and blue button shirt, and my blue air Jordan’s.

My mom and I ran to the car. She started the car and zoomed. I was so confused. “What was happening”? I thought. “I must not be late,” she said.

Finally she stopped at my grandparents’ house.

“What’s happening?” I said.

“You’ll see.”

Then we went to my grandparent’s backyard and then the lights went on, and I heard “SURPRISE!” I looked and everyone was hugging me, my aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends. There was a big cake with dark chocolate frosting and three layers high, a regular jumper house, and decorations.

“We noticed your summer was a bummer, so to make it up to you, we created a little celebration just for you,” my mom said.

“Thanks Mom.” Then by the jumper house there was Kyle and Natherine. Hey you guys, what do you have to say for yourself?  How was Paris?

“We came back from Paris because we almost ran out of money,” Natherine said.

“Well, my family and I came back three hours ago,” Kyle said.

So, on that day, I realized that I had a good, bad, and ugly summer.