Amazing Kids! Magazine

The Beach

By Jose Portillo, Age 12, California


It was mid afternoon in the summer, and I was 7 miles south from San Francisco. The bay ocean was calm and crystal clear. The sand was as yellow as the sun. People were splashing, surfing, and swimming. I heard the sound of jet skies speeding through the water. Every one was happy.

A giant crowd started to form at the beach entrance, so huge even a tsunami couldn’t knock it down. Squeezing through the crowd out came the star quarterback for the S.F. 49’ers Colin Kaepernick! He was wearing a blood red 49ers jersey with gray swim shorts that have sand on them. We stared at each other. His eyes seem to be saying, “Um, um hi?” He eventually waved his hand to me.

Colin looked like he was dying to come meet me. Then, a boat crashed into a rock. You can even see the smoke from about 3 miles away from the beach. Everyone’s attention focused on the boat and that gave Kaepernick time to start coming towards me. He ran towards me like he was on a football field.

Since the crowd saw him running towards me and they caught up to him crowded him again. He stopped and was mad. He was so close and he got crowded again by everybody. The girls were screaming, “OMG its Kaepernick!”

Then a guy came who had a humongous camera, a weird looking mustache, and he had a French accent. He came tumbling through the crowd pushing everybody out of his way. When he reached the 49er’s quarterback he took about a billion pictures of him! Although Colin told him to stop, he didn’t listen. Then a huge wave started to form coming towards us. Everyone sprinted away except the paparazzi that got washed away into the ocean. When the paparazzi had washed away, Colin came over and shook my hand! We eventually hung out for a couple of hours.

He gave me free front row tickets to the super bowl. And he let me ride with him on his private jet. I got to meet all his teammates like Vernon Davis. Ha gave me free tickets to every game he had. I got to sit in the boxes all the way at the top of the stadium. They bring you all you can eat food. It was dream come true. I ate till my stomach became an elephant’s stomach. He even gave me a hand signed football used at the super bowl signed by all his teammates. That was the best day of my life.