Amazing Kids! Magazine

The Best Flower

By Sarah Dalla Costa, age 14, Illinois

In a beautiful field of flowers there were three flowers that were liked a lot. Those flowers were Daisy, Lily, and Rose. They were the prettiest flowers in the whole field. All the other flowers would watch them, wishing they could be just like them.

One day, Daisy, Lily, and Rose were fighting over who was liked the most.

“All the flowers like me the best!” Rose said. “I am the prettiest flower.”

“No, I am! Look at my shining white petals!” assured Daisy.

Lily shook her leaves. “Everyone talks about me the most,” she said.

The three flowers continued to bicker. One by one, the other flowers stopped watching them. The other flowers thought that they were rude. They did not want to be like Rose, Lily, and Daisy anymore, because those three flowers were ugly on the inside. The rest of the flowers saw past their prettiness and realized that they were not as great as the other flowers thought they were.

Instead, they watched a flower named Marigold. Marigold would never bicker, and she helped everyone. She accepted gifts gracefully and smiled a lot. She was the nicest flower in the whole field. Lily, Daisy, and Rose soon realized that no flowers watched them anymore.

“We used to be the most liked flowers. What happened?” asked Lily.

“No one likes a fighting flower! We fought and were selfish, so no flower likes us!” said Daisy.

“Yes.” Lily agreed. “Marigold is very nice. I want to be more like her. She seems much happier than we are.”

Then Rose said, “How foolish we are! Let’s be friends again and never argue over who is the best ever again.”