Amazing Kids! Magazine

The Best Summer Ever

By Andrea Solis, age 12, California


It was an early summer afternoon and Julie was sitting on a yellow bench in Disneyland. Past the vast crowds, she could see roller coasters slithering like snakes. While strolling along the path, she smelled something delightful. It was cotton candy. All she could hear was laughter. Laughter over here and laughter over there, there was laughter everywhere!

All of a sudden Julie saw her best friend Jasmine. Jasmine was wearing a pink new shirt that had yellow daisies on it. She had long brown silky hair, and wore white wrinkled shorts that had a shiny sun blazon on the side. Then she just stared at Julie; her eyes seem to be saying, “Are you leaving now?”  Her body language was saying, “Please don’t go.” She asked Julie, “Can you stay?” Julie looked at her dad and he said, “Yes.”

Once Julie and Jasmine got in, Jasmine told Julie that she wanted to have a lot of fun with her. Julie asked Jasmine if she wanted to get on a roller coaster. Jasmine stayed quiet and nodded. When they were three people away from getting on the ride, Jasmine started to feel hot. Her palms were starting to sweat. Then they were next. Just when they were about to get in Jasmine’s mom, Gloria, called to her.

Gloria wore a yellow short sleeve v-neck with white pants. She had long brown hair. She was wearing black sandals. She was a very beautiful woman. Her eyes were hazelnut.

After her mom talked to her Julie went back to her and said to her, “Can we go back to line?” Jasmine agreed. They went back to line and all Jasmine could hear was screaming. She then saw the roller coaster it was faster than a cheetah. After she saw that she got as scared as a mouse being chased by a cat. They were about to go in until Julie’s dad called her. She got so mad her face was a tomato. He told her to get over here right now.

Her dad’s name was Rodrick. He wore a collard short sleeve shirt with blue jeans. His eyes were brown. He had short spiky hair. His shoes were color black.

Once her dad stopped talking to her she went back in line with Jasmine. Jasmine was about to back out, but she knew that her friend was counting on her. So she didn’t. It was almost their turn. Jasmine was starting to sweat again. It was their turn. They went to sit down and the ride started. At first she was a bit scared and then she enjoyed it. She had so much fun that they went on it four more times. Jasmine was really excited that she did ride the roller coaster.

It was finally time to go home. They were then heading out and Jasmine told Julie “Thank you for staying with me for more days.” Julie said, “No problem.” Finally, both of them just went back home.