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The Black Mountain, Chapter 3: In the Dragon’s Cave

By Julia Melik, age 13, Prague


Editor’s Note: This is Chapter 3 of this story. For maximum enjoyment you may choose to read Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 first.

The next day it all started. The children’s trio with butterfly quietly slipped into the cave and through the winding passages that led into the Central hall. As there was no light in the cave, the butterfly carried a long thread that kept the guys on track. There was complete silence and darkness. The trio had to hold their breath for half an hour so that the Dragon could not hear them. They also had to hold the beating of their hearts. Then they heard the other dwarfs break into the cave, judging by the flashes of light, together with butterflies.

Something around them became in motion, coming from the far corner. Suddenly, right in the heart of the hall, a huge mirror shined with pale light. Then it reflected a huge black muzzle of the dragon, with long, crooked teeth and a predatory gaze of the three red eyes, surrounded by a bluish scale.

The invisible dragon coughed slightly and said in a low, soothing voice, “Hello, my dear Clia, Kreggs, Klinthal, and you, my dear Bambos. I am very glad to see you all as my guests. When I recently was told that a sky boat fell from the sky, I immediately realized that it was you and sent my family to another country.”

Here the butterfly chuckled, “I heard from a mantis that you have no family, that you had eaten them a long time ago since they were reproaching you because of your malice.”

“So you believe, my servants, the faithful servants of the Evil, my dear Bambos?” gently asked the dragon.

“And not only them,” butterfly grinned. “The information was verified.”

“Well,” replied the Dragon. “Then I have no choice but to devour you as well.”

With these words, he stepped back and disappeared. All hid again, ceasing to breathe, and the butterfly fell on Clia’s head. The silence became dense and then ringing, as if a huge flock of mosquitoes had completely filled up the whole cave.

Suddenly Clia briskly threw her small dagger in the direction of the Mirror. There was a clink, and it was split into many small pieces, scattering throughout the hall. Fireflies lit up, and all saw a monstrous dragon, silently creeping towards them.

Kreggs threw a dart that struck the dragon in its left side while Klinthal with the other dart nailed his front right paw to the floor. But the Dragon swung its huge tail with a huge knot-a knob at the end, leaving his attackers stunned on the ground. Clia fell unconscious, and the guys were lying on the ground bleeding all over broken ribs. The dragon opened its mouth, ready to burn them.

But then the butterfly rushed at the Dragon and, with a sudden force, pushed him and then threw him up. He flipped him over, causing him to lie there as he was kicked up his huge sides.

The butterfly flew up and sat next to Clia, waving her wings, the tender and gentle breeze helping the girl wake up. She hardly got up and sat down.

“The mirror of evil is broken, and the Dragon is visible now. You did the right thing by breaking this mirror. Now we need to finish everything, take the dagger of your father, and kill the Dragon so that our country will again become kind and beautiful! Kill him, and don’t be afraid of anything.”

The dragon barely opened his eyes, “Sure, kill me. I’m wounded, and it will not be that difficult. But the most important thing for you to know is that if you kill me, Bambos will also die.”

“Don’t listen to him, and slay the Dragon!” said the butterfly.
“I don’t want you to die,” whispered the girl.

“You must do it to save our people. My name is Bambos. I was previously called Mardos—my younger brother. I ruled in this country, but once he found the mirror of evil, he made a breakthrough. But hurry, you must do it before his servants return!”

Clia got up and walked over to the mirror, finding the fragments of his dagger before squeezing it with both hands. She loudly uttered the old dwarfs’ spell “Roorr-gabbrro-abheim,” jumped up, and with all the strength, pierced the dragon’s throat through.

Suddenly, a loud clap of thunder boomed, and the cave began to crumble. The dead dragon became pale and then disappeared, but the butterfly became colorful and began to shine in different colors, like the magic palace of a giant.

At this time the dwarfs broke into the hall, raised the children on stretchers, and all quickly ran out of the cave.

Outside the sun was brightly shining, the birds were twittering, timid bunnies watched with curiosity, and a fat hippo in a frock coat and top hat danced and jumped with joy.

Having run off at a sufficiently large distance, all watched in horror as the cave collapsed before falling to the ground. Then, the earth over the cliff began to swell and burst a mighty stream of water, then another, and fell like a waterfall before flowing like a huge fountain.

Suddenly, there was thunder again, and a glass boat appeared in the sky—it froze for a moment and then gently floated down next to the dwarfs. Its doors opened silently, and the red and blue dwarfs ran out. They arrived from the surface to help the guys. Thus ended the story of the invisible dragon and the lake’s monster.

After this, the dwarfs built a huge heavenly ferry, which went every week and sent the red and the blue on a visit to the pale dwarfs and vice versa. On the same ferry expedition of dwarfs, they managed to reach the summit of the Black Mountain, which went straight into the clouds. There, they found the Stone Book in an unknown ancient language with intelligible pictures, of which it was clear that before only red dwarfs lived in the forest, blue lived in the lake, and pale beneath the earth. But all this will be told in the following tale.

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