Amazing Kids! Magazine

The Box

By Danny Xu, age 11, Minnesota


One day, a boy named Tim got a box in the mail. It said on top of the box: “To Tim. Do not open.”

So naturally, Tim opened the box, thinking, What could go wrong?

When he opened the box, there was a note and another box. In the note, it said to not open the box inside the bigger box and not to take the inner box out.

So this time, Tim followed the instructions, and didn’t open the box. Then, one day, his mother saw it and opened it. Inside, there was another box, and it said to take that box outside. That box remained unopened until a mailman came and opened it, thinking it was a present. It said, “You have opened the final box, and now must burn the box.”

So the mailman took the box and burned it in the woods, then put out the fire and returned to his duties. The fire had burned the box completely, but had not burned a wet cloth. The wet cloth became dry after being heated in the sun for many days. A couple days later, a family camping in the woods spotted the dry cloth as they were about to make a fire. They opened the note and it said…