Amazing Kids! Magazine

The Burglar

By Erin Burks, Age 6, Ohio


On Halloween, a burglar named Hershey Hagwood robbed a bank and stole one hundred million twenty dollars. Hershey was not happy with one hundred million twenty dollars he stole. On Halloween night, Hershey went into Dave’s General Store to buy more evil weapons and decided to rob the people in the store while they were in line buying costumes and Halloween treats. The people did not pay attention because they were listening to their music. Hershey got into his car and called the cops on his cell phone, telling them about a man that he saw run away from Dave’s store. “I am an evil genius” Hershey said, because he told the cops of the man he saw Hershey thought the cops would never suspect him of robbing the store.

Hershey drove his car ten miles South of Dave’s General Store to a place called Five Miles away street. Hershey picked a house that he could steal from. Hershey looked through the window of a house with binoculars and saw two children one boy and one girl named Manny and Nanny. Because he only saw kids he thought this would be easy. Hershey broke the lock to the front door with a screwdriver he just bought from Dave’s General store in his bag of evil weapons. Hershey thought he would scare the kids because he was a strange man with a mask on but the kids were not scared. Hershey pulled out a really scary mask to scare Manny and Nanny and they still were not scared! Hershey did not understand that the reason the kids were not scared was because they were witches! Manny and Nanny stared at the Hershey for a long time. Hershey started to feel sick and hot and sweaty and then POOF he was turned into a bird! Manny opened the front door and let the bird out. Hershey still Hershey but a bird wondered why Manny was putting cat food on a plate. Nanny started making a noise and then their cat Pickles came to eat but Manny made the cat food disappear with his mind. Pickles saw the bird and ate him instead. Hershey tried to scream but he could only tweet. Manny and Nanny closed the door and said Happy Halloween.