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The Chorebot

By Krithik Ashokkumar, age 10, East Brunswick, NJ


Chapter 1: Gather around the Kitchen

My name is Charlie Diaz. One day I opened the door to the closet and there, sitting on the floor, was a locked chest. The chest was old and rusty, and inside it was my old Chorebot. I had been working on the Chorebot for six months when it taught me a valuable lesson. This is what happened, the day the Chorebot got known to my family.

I, Charlie Diaz, was in my “lab” (room) putting the final touches on the Chorebot. Mom and Dad were renting another romantic comedy in their room and Trish, my sister, was doing chores. I couldn’t wait to see Trish’s face when I’m no longer stuck doing chores. I laughed and then went inside the electrical systems of the Chorebot to see if there were any glitches or problems. Then I covered the Chorebot with a huge blanket. I wanted to show my whole family what the Chorebot could do. So, I carried my Chorebot and ran to the kitchen, calling my family to come too.

Trish came right away, she was just looking for a chance to get out of her chores. But Mom and Dad on the other hand refused to come until I told them I’d wash the dishes tonight. Everyone was clustered around the kitchen.

Squeezing for a space to get in with all the fruit and dishes everywhere, Trish gasped when she saw the big blanket covering the machine. “What is in there?” she gasped. “Is it a pony? Is it a unicorn? Wait… is it a PRINCESESS!?” The idea of what was inside the blanket killed her with curiosity. Trish took a big look at the blanket and hugged it.

Mom and Dad were just tapping their feet on the ground, waiting for this to be over. I waited for everyone to be quiet while my sister was dancing around, and Mom and Dad were talking about which romantic comedy to rent. I was waiting for everybody to be quiet, when, all of a sudden Trish yelled, “Be QUIET! Charlie is going to share his princess.”

My parents then looked at me for a while. “Sorry sweetie.” Mom sighed.

I nodded, then took a deep breath. “After 6 months, I have finally created an invention that is good for you and good for me!” I whispered.

Mom and Dad looked at me, their eyebrows were straight up. “Pudding, I don’t understand what you are saying,” Mom said.

I looked around. “I invented a Chore robot that follows people’s commands called the Chorebot. Now I don’t have to do chores, but they will still get done!”

Chapter 2: Throw out The Trash

I smiled and took off the cover to the Chorebot. Trish saw it and her expression turned bittersweet. She was sad that it wasn’t a princess, but she felt happy for me. Mom and Dad took a glance at the Chorebot and looked at each other.

Everyone was quiet, until I broke the silence. “Now, let me demonstrate an example.” I said. I took a deep breath hoping this would work. “Throw out the trash,” I said to the Chorebot.

I crossed my fingers hoping this would work. Mom, Dad, and Trish were all looking closely at what the Chorebot would do. The Chorebot waited a few seconds, then said “Beep! Beep!” It ran towards the corner of the kitchen where the trash was, but grabbed Trish instead. It opened the door and threw Trish in the dumpster.

“Chore complete Master!” the Chorebot said. “Throw out the Trish chore complete.”

Trish looked at me with red eyes. For some reason, the tiniest bit of a smile in her face just vanished into a frown.

Mom and Dad were really mad too. Dad ran out the door to pick up Trish. “Come on Trishie, let’s go take a bath,” he said. He sighed at me and quickly ran to the bathroom.

“Ahhh!” Trish yelled as she went to the bathroom with trash all over her like a dress. I felt really guilty, but I still didn’t lose hope on my sixth-month invention. But I knew my next example would definitely work!

Chapter 3: Make Mom a Ham and Cheese Sandwich

Mom and Dad were really frustrated. Mom was going back to watch some more romantic comedy when I stopped her. “Please stay Mom, I’ve been working on this for 6 months, and I know this time it will work,” I sighed.

Mom sat down, and so did Dad, finally finished with Trish’s bath. The whole family was all huddled around the kitchen again. This time, Trish stayed far away from the door. I took a deep breath and peeped, “Make mom a ham and cheese sandwich.” My face was scrunched together with humiliation.

Everyone was quiet. The Chorebot was silent for a minute then said “Beep! Beep!” Mom, Dad, and Trish were all glancing at what the Chorebot would do next. The Chorebot went to the refrigerator and got out some ham and cheese as well as some mayonnaise.

“Ok so far, so good!” I sighed.

The Chorebot put the mayonnaise aside and cut the ham and cheese into slices then got two pieces of bread. I finally felt relieved. However, it took the bread, sliced ham and cheese, and mayonnaise and went to mom. It stuck the pieces of bread on her ears and squirted mayonnaise all over her head. Then decorated Mom all over with sliced ham and cheese.

“Chore complete Master!” the Chorebot said. “Make mom a ham and cheese sandwich chore complete.”

My mom went straight to the mirror and yelled at the Chorebot, then washed herself. She clearly felt humiliated, and so did I.

Chapter 4: Wash the Dishes

By now, everyone was angry. Dad and Trish were shooting angry looks at me and Mom was still washing the mayonnaise out of her hair. But, I still decided to give one last shot for the Chorebot. I breathed really hard, letting my confidence drain away. I didn’t know what to say. I crossed my fingers really hard.

“Wash the dishes.” I squealed.

The Chorebot waited and processed the chore then said “Beep! Beep!” It then ran to the kitchen sink where all the dirty, unwashed dishes were and stared at it. The Chorebot stared and stared and looked and looked continually and didn’t stop.

Three Hours Later…

My whole family was looking at the Chorebot confused. Finally, the Chorebot stopped staring at the dishes. “Chore complete, Master,” it said. “Watch the dishes chore complete.”

I once again felt humiliated, so I quickly ran to the Chorebot and pressed the off button. I tried really hard to smile at Mom, Dad, and Trish, but all that came out were fake chuckles. Everyone seemed to look at me really angrily. So I quietly ran to my room leaving the Chorebot in the kitchen.

Chapter 5: Chorebot’s Chores

What happened next was a blur. All I can tell you is that Mom and Dad made me do extra chores. The Chorebot got its vacation for now. So, while Trish was relaxing, I was doing chores. This leads us to a final conclusion – being lazy is always a bad choice. I am now washing the dishes like I promised Mom and Dad. The Chorebot is in my room. Mom and dad are watching more romantic comedies, and my sister is watching her favorite sitcoms. Everything was normal. Well, almost normal, except for one thing, me.

“Being lazy always ends in a bad result.” ~Author


  1. Deepak /

    Awesome story Krithik. Great going and look forward for more such chores 🙂

  2. Karan Brar /

    Awesome Writing! It is very funny and descriptive. The writing shows the character’s emotions very well! Keep writing!!!

  3. Adam /

    Awesome narration and comedy. Truly amazing.