Amazing Kids! Magazine

The Creepy Store on Golden Street

By Ivan Torres, age 11, California


Saturday morning, I was at my friend’s bright white-, blue-, and yellow-colored house. “You should put the Golden State Warriors logo on your garage door so that it looks like a Warrior house,” I said. My friend started laughing so hard that he started crying like a baby. He asked if I wanted to play NBA 2K18. “Nah, we’ll just play in your backyard,” I responded. After a while we went to a new store, a gigantic store. It was so huge, bigger than three houses combined.

“Woah, this is like a mansion!” Miguel said.

“I know, right?” I responded to my friend.

We had thought that it was closed, but the door was unlocked.

“I don’t think we should go in, dude.”

“Come on, let’s just go in!”

“Okay, fine,” Miguel said with a deep voice.

We went inside to see if anybody was inside the mansion-sized store, and not even the cashiers were inside the store. The store looked so creepy from the inside that we thought we were in a horror movie. We walked around the whole store but couldn’t find any employees, so we just decided to give up.

“Dude, let’s just come back here later.”

“Okay, we’ll just come back in like 15 minutes.”

“Yeah,” I responded.

Later on that day, Miguel and I went back to the store. For some reason when we went inside, there was so many people inside, despite Miguel and me only leaving the store a few minutes ago when it was deserted. We went inside, and there were new goods on display like video games, clothes, candy, and more. We left again, and it somehow got even bigger than it was before. “Why is this store getting bigger by the minute?” Miguel asked. While we were talking about the weird store, we looked at it again, and then it got even bigger. We both went in yet again, and for some reason it looked smaller. We felt rather uneasy, and so Miguel and I went back to his house.

“Let’s go play on your basketball court outside.”

“Okay,” Miguel responded.

The next day we went back to the creepy store, and as assumed it got bigger. We saw a sign that said, “Now Hiring!” We thought about the job opportunity. Miguel said that if we took the job, then we could see what happens when we are generally not at the store. He also added that we could find out why and how the store keeps getting bigger. We both took the job and decided to stay overnight to see what really goes on.

“Nothing is even happening, Miguel,” I complained

“Just be patient,” Miguel said.

It was almost 12:00 a.m., and still nothing happened. I was about to leave Miguel there alone until we both heard a loud noise next to the freezers. We went to check it out, but everything seemed to be just fine—until we heard more noise, which made Miguel and me sprint back to my house.

“I’m never going to that store again!”

“Neither will I,” I responded.

The next day Miguel and I went to the creepy store just to quit the job, after which we never went back to that store ever again.