Amazing Kids! Magazine

The Dancing French Fries

By Natalie Beres, Age 10, Ohio


Have you ever seen French fries dance? Well in this story they do, so don’t think I’m lying.

It started out one morning while Tommy was eating french-fries for breakfast.

“Mom, why don’t animals talk because in all the good stories they do,” he said as his dog was barking, “Or why don’t French fries dance?” he asked.

“Well, it’s just part of life,” said his mom.

“BARK, BARK, BARK,” his dog said. I just wish he could talk he thought annoyed.

At school, Tommy talked to his friends about dancing French fries and the talking animals. They all agreed with him so they went to the teacher to see what she would say. She said that it just takes some imagination.

“What does that mean?” they all said.

“Just pretend,” she said. They all went home and thought.

That night Tommy went to McDonalds (to get French fries of course), by the way Tommie’s favorite food is fries. Tommy remembered what his teacher told him. So he imagined as hard as he could and all of the sudden the French fries grew little berets and French curly moustaches.

Then…they…DANCED! Tommy was amazed, his teacher was right all it took was some imagination.

“Bonjour,” said the French fries.

”WOW! They even talk,” Tommy yelled.

“Tommy you know not to yell in the car now shush,” his mom said. Oops he thought, now they are mine forever.

“Mom I want a fish tank,” Tommy said when they got home.

“Now why do you want a fish tank?” asked his mom.

“Well maybe I want a fish.” He replied.

“Well when you put it that way, sure why not,” said his mom.

So they went to the store and got a fish tank and some fish. When they got back from the store Tommy was being very devious and sold the fish online so he could use the fish tank for the fries. Well he didn’t think this through very well and after a week the french-fries got moldy and died.

Now that he knows they need to be kept in cold weather which means he needs a refrigerator for his room. His journey continued as he went to get a fridge for more fries which meant he needed more fries. His mom would of course say no because they just got some a half hour ago. So he had to make a plan. His plan was to go to his friend’s house, ask for fries, then come home and save them. Well his plan did not work and had to wait a WHOLE DAY.

This is not a lot to you but for him that’s a lot of waiting especially because he wanted something. Wanting something really bad and waiting for it does not go well together. Well he ending up getting fries that night and was all happy and that’s what you think until his mom saw the fries dancing and freaked out. I mean she tried to kill them with a pen. Of course there always has to be a hero so Tommy told his mom everything. So then it was a happy ending. Yay!

So now do you believe me now? So why don’t you try it and tell me how it works.