Amazing Kids! Magazine

The Day I Wasted My Money

By Brian Castaneda Ochoa, age 11


I sat and scanned the room as I watched my mother and younger brother cry on the other side of the room—I hated to see my brother CJ cry, as it just broke my heart in two. As people passed, they gave me sympathetic looks.

I wish they would stop looking at me and just go home, but I knew they weren’t going anywhere until it got dark outside. Oh, well.

You could never mess with me unless you wanted to get your face kicked by DJ. That kid was a straight savage—that is, until his own friend took his life away…

I looked over at my mother and rolled my eyes as I watched her fall into CJ’s dad’s arms. I don’t even know why he was here because he and DJ never got along. I just shook my head and closed my eyes. All I wanted to do was eat and go to bed.

I opened my eyes to see my mother’s younger sister Remy standing in front of me.

“Uh, hi…I’m fine!”

“Girl, I know that. I didn’t ask you how you looked; I asked how you were doing.”

I looked up at her with a smug look on my face. It really wasn’t the time for her to be making some lame jokes at my brother’s funeral. My auntie is weird, but she has an excuse—she’s only 19, which is only two years older than me. I shook my head as I scanned around the room again and saw a few of the corner boys that use to work for my brother.

They all looked sad like they had lost their best friend, but in all honesty, they did. DJ was a king that ran the streets of New Orleans, and everyone wanted to work for him. He made it so they had fat pockets and for that they remained loyal—well, some of them did.