Amazing Kids! Magazine

The Dolphin Tank

By Salomon Zepeda, Age 11, California


Right when I woke up from bed, I could smell the fresh ocean of San Francisco in the summer. I felt like I died and went to heaven. I could even taste the oceans salty water and could see kids running everywhere outside enjoying the summer. After, my family and I got ready to go to the Dolphin Tank, where I work with my family.

At The Dolphin Tank, you can play and swim with dolphins. When we got there, my mom told me we had a new worker. The workers name was Sandy and she was twenty. She had long hair and a purple swimming suit on. She jumped in the pool excitingly with the dolphins to prepare the day. After a few weeks she got better at her job.

One night when I was locking up, I saw a black van pull up and two men with ski masks on. One of them grabbed the dolphin. When I tried to escape out the door, a big bodyguard stopped me.

I tried to lie to them that there were bombs in the building, but it wasn’t easy. They told me they were going to take the dolphin for money. I was really scared. Then Sandy walked in and tries to beat up all the men, but she lost.

After a while I saw my mom and dad bust through the door and catch the bad guys while saving the dolphin and us. My mom and dad told us that they were evil spies trying to cause trouble. She also told us that they were good spies. Sandy and I were shocked.